Bioceramics 21

Volumes 396-398

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: S.L.F. Ramos, M. Motisuke, L.R. Rodrigues, Cecília A.C. Zavaglia

Abstract: A lot of attention has been given to bone cements due to their lack of mechanical properties. The improvement of this property is essential,...

Authors: S.L.F. Ramos, M. Motisuke, Cecília A.C. Zavaglia

Abstract: Biocompatible fibers has been studied and synthesized in order to improve the mechanical and general properties of bone cements. In order to...

Authors: Toru Tonegawa, Toshiyuki Ikoma, Tomohiko Yoshioka, Kazuo Shinozaki, Nobutaka Hanagata, M. Tanaka

Abstract: Insulin delivery carriers using low crystalline porous zinc hydroxyapatite (ZnHAp) microparticles with different crystal sizes and novel...

Authors: Gastón Fuentes, Eduardo Peón, Yaíma Campos, Noeldrys López, Christiane Xavier Resende, Gloria Dulce de Almeida Soares

Abstract: In this study, commercially pure titanium (Ti-cp) discs were used as substrates. Octacalcium phosphate (OCP) layers were deposited by...

Authors: Roxana Chotard-Ghodsnia, Sandrine Lucas, Cecile Pagnoux, Eric Champion, Marylène Viana, Dominique Chulia, Karine Anselme, Thierry Chartier

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to develop bioceramics with a well-defined porous structure in order to control drug loading and release over...

Authors: Shihori Yamane, Takeshi Yabutsuka, Mitsuhiro Hibino, Takeshi Yao

Abstract: Apatite nuclei were precipitated in the pores of silicagel microspheres by raising pH of simulated body fluid (SBF). By a soak in SBF,...

Authors: Johan Forsgren, Ulrika Brohede, Albert Mihranyan, Hakan Engqvist, Maria Strømme

Abstract: The aim of this study was to investigate if it is possible to fast load hydroxyapatite with antibiotics and still obtain a slow but...

Authors: Dora A. Cortés-Hernández, Luis A. Bretado-Aragón, W. Ortega-Lara, David Rentería-Zamarrón, Y. Salinas-Delgado

Abstract: Gentamicin sulphate was mixed with two different sol-gel derived calcium silicates (akermanite or wollastonite). Each of the mixtures was...

Authors: C.A.S. Souza, Renata M. Souto, Ana Paula V. Colombo, Antonella M. Rossi, Maria Helena M. Rocha-Leão

Abstract: Chlorhexidine (CHX), a cationic antiseptic, is an antimicrobial agent with many applications. In this work, the antimicrobial action of CHX...

Authors: Marylène Viana, Amelie Désiré, Emilie Chevalier, Eric Champion, Roxana Chotard-Ghodsnia, Dominique Chulia

Abstract: Spherical porous calcium phosphate pellets were fabricated by high shear wet granulation using native starch as a binder. After a heat...


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