Bioceramics 21

Volumes 396-398

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Pierre Layrolle, Serge Baroth, Eric Goyenvalle, Eric Aguado, Françoise Moreau, G. Daculsi

Abstract: An hydrated putty was prepared by mixing submicron particles, rounded particles and granules of Biphasic Calcium Phosphate (BCP) ceramics...

Authors: Marize Varella de Oliveira, Magna Monteiro Schaerer, Robson Pacheco Pereira, Ieda Maria V. Caminha, Silvia R. A. Santos, Antonella M. Rossi

Abstract: In the present work, mechanical properties of a stoichiometric hydroxyapatite (HA), synthesized by hydrothermal method, with 1.66 Ca/P molar...

Authors: Tiago M. Volkmer, L.L. Bastos, V.C. Sousa, L.A. Santos

Abstract: The aim of this work is the synthesis of α-tricalcium phosphate by solution combustion synthesis using urea as combustible in the...

Authors: Nicola Döbelin, Tobias J. Brunner, Wendelin J. Stark, Manuel Eggimann, Martin Fisch, Marc Bohner

Abstract: X-ray amorphous tricalcium-phosphate nanoparticles (ATCP) produced by flame spray synthesis were heat-treated at temperatures between 500...

Authors: Zhen Zhen Zhou, Zhen Li, Li Li

Abstract: he preparation of different pore diameter and thickness nanoporous alumina membranes by two-step anodic oxidation, and the corrosion...

Authors: Claudinei dos Santos, Felipe Antunes Santos, Carlos Nelson Elias

Abstract: Several CAD/CAM systems are available to dental prosthesis laboratories which can be used to fabricate all-ceramic copings and frameworks....

Authors: R. Jahandideh, Aliasghar Behnamghader, M. Rangie, A. Youzbashi, S. Joughehdoust, R. Tolouei

Abstract: The aim of this study was to investigate the sol gel synthesis of HA/FA nanoparticles and the possible formation of TCP phase or...

Authors: C.A.O. Ramirez, Andrea Machado Costa, J. Bettini, Antonio J. Ramirez, Marcelo Henrique Prado da Silva, Antonella M. Rossi

Abstract: B-type carbonate apatite samples were synthesized by wet chemical method and characterized by X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry, X-ray...

Authors: Rodrigo Brandão, Fernando Pupio, Nelson Heriberto A. Camargo, E. Gemelli

Abstract: The bioceramics nanostructured have made important characteristics in biomedical applications, especially the calcium phosphate ceramics....

Authors: Nelson Heriberto A. Camargo, S. de Lima, Julio C.P. Souza, Juliana F. de Aguiar, E. Gemelli, Márcia M. Meier, Vanessa E. Silva, Friedrich G. Mittelstädt

Abstract: In the last decades many investigations have been oriented toward the development of nanostructured biomaterials such as calcium phosphate...


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