Bioceramics 21

Volumes 396-398

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jéferson Luis de Moraes Machado, Luis Alberto Santos

Abstract: Growth of cells in three-dimensional porous scaffolds has gaining importance in the field of tissue engineering. The scaffolds guide...

Authors: Viviane Gomide, Natália Ocarino, Rogéria Serakides, Maria de Fatima Leite, Marivalda Pereira

Abstract: Bioactive glass/polymer hybrids are promising materials for biomedical applications because they combine the bioactivity of these...

Authors: J.S.V. Albuquerque, I.W.L. Franca, G.F. Silva, A.L.O. Ferreira, R.E.F.Q. Nogueira

Abstract: Semi-synthetic beta-lactam antibiotics are the most important class of antibacterial agents. Their use in veterinary and human medicine is...

Authors: Claudia C. Camilo, C.A. Fortulan, R.A. Ikegami, Arnaldo R. Santos, B. de M. Purquerio

Abstract: The objective of this study was to manufacture porous scaffolds with bioinert and bioactive materials to join mechanical properties and bony...

Authors: Flavia Mendonça, Luis Henrique Leme Louro, Jose B. de Campos, Antonella M. Rossi, Marcelo Henrique Prado da Silva

Abstract: In the present work, apatite powders were synthesized at pH 10, pH 11 and pH 12 in order to give rise to biphasic and triphasic bioceramics...

Authors: Alexandra A.P. Mansur, Herman S. Mansur

Abstract: There is a constant need for bone substitutes. This work was focused on evaluating morphological characteristics of new bioceramic...

Authors: S.M. Oliveira, C.C. Barrias, C.C. Ribeiro, I.F. Almeida, M.F. Bahia, Mario A. Barbosa

Abstract: The aim of this study was to analyze the effect of starting powder granulometry and sintering conditions on the morphological structure and...

Authors: D. García-Alonso, T. Levingstone, M. Parco, Joseph Stokes

Abstract: This research work deals with the development of free-standing hydroxyapatite (HA) components produced using the Atmospheric Plasma Spraying...

Authors: Claudia C. Camilo, C.A. Fortulan, N.A. Parizotto, B. de M. Purquerio

Abstract: Ceramic scaffolds, mechanically qualified, highly porous, non biodegradable and with bioactive coating have been manufactured. The aim of...

Authors: A.C.B.M. Fook, A.H. Aparecida, Thiago Bizerra Fideles, R.C. Costa, Marcus Vinícius Lia Fook

Abstract: This study aimed to develop porous hydroxyapatite scaffold for bone regeneration using the replica of the polymeric sponge technique....


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