Bioceramics 21

Volumes 396-398

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: L.R. Rodrigues, M. Motisuke, Cecília A.C. Zavaglia

Abstract: Particle size is one of the most important factors to the successful application of calcium phosphate bioceramics as it may have an...

Authors: Ulrich Beck, Regina Lange, U. Lembke, Hans Georg Neumann

Abstract: A three-layer coating for stents with a nanostructured surface of calcium phosphate (CaP) is pre-sented. The coating stack consists of (a) a...

Authors: Alvaro Antonio Alencar de Queiroz, José Carlos Bressiani, Ana Helena A. Bressiani, Olga Z. Higa, Gustavo Abel Abraham

Abstract: A novel bone scaffolding material was successfully fabricated by electrospinning from hyperbranched polyglycerol (HPGL) solutions containing...

Authors: A.B. Diggs, C.J. Bae, Wei Ju Tseng, C.L. Flanagan, J.W. Halloran, S.J. Hollister

Abstract: This paper describes the use of micro-computed tomography for determining in vitro degradation of calcium-phosphate ceramic materials. ...

Authors: C. Marques, Luis Henrique Leme Louro, Marcelo Henrique Prado da Silva

Abstract: Bioactive ceramics have the ability to chemically bond to bone. This class of biomaterials can be used as coatings on metallic implants,...

Authors: Koji Ioku, Masanobu Kamitakahara, Noriaki Watanabe, Osamu Kawaguchi, Setsuaki Murakami, Tohru Ikeda

Abstract: Three types of calcium phosphate porous materials were prepared by the applied hydrothermal method. One of them was non-stoichiometric...

Authors: J.H. Robinson, Serena Best

Abstract: Precipitation routes for HA production result in the formation of suspensions of nano-scale hydroxyapatite particles in water. During this...

Authors: A.H.K. Chou, Racquel Z. LeGeros

Abstract: Silk has been used in biomedical applications for centuries. The potential of silk for application in tissue engineering is currently being...

Authors: Szilvia Eosoly, Stefan Lohfeld, Dermot Brabazon

Abstract: Selective laser sintering (SLS) has the potential to fabricate bioresorbable polymer / ceramic composite scaffolds with pre-designed...

Authors: Tamas D. Szucs, Dermot Brabazon

Abstract: Three dimensional printing was investigated for fabricating hydroxyapatite (HA) and β-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP) composite scaffolds using...


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