Bioceramics 21

Volumes 396-398

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: G. Daculsi, P.A. Uzel, N. Bourgeois, T. Le François, Jean Louis Rouvillain, Xavier Bourges, Serge Baroth

Abstract: We have developed a new injectable bone substitute combining specific granules of BCP with or without radiopaque elements with a reversible...

Authors: André Dutra Messias, Aguedo Aragones, Eliana Aparecida de Rezende Duek

Abstract: The aim of this work was to investigate the behaviour of rat calvarial osteoblastics cells on porous PLGA/HA composite scaffolds. Cells were...

Authors: Wei Wang, Zhen Li, Li Li

Abstract: Magnetic nanocomposite films of the Fe3O4/pHEMA were prepared by dispersing the Fe3O4 nanoparticles into the HEMA monomer before they were...

Authors: Nicole Bielefeldt, Ute Ploska, Georg Berger, Lydia Heimann

Abstract: This study describes the preparation of a composite material [1] from synthetic nano-scaled hydroxyapatite (nHA) and a gelatin matrix (80%...

Authors: G. Daculsi, Eric Aguado, Françoise Moreau, Eric Goyenvalle

Abstract: Current resorbable membranes are generally from animal origin, like collagen, and are largely used in dentistry or orthopaedic for TGR...

Authors: Luis M. Rodríguez-Lorenzo, Lorena Benito-Garzón, Fabienne Barroso-Bujans, Mar Fernández

Abstract: Though hydroxyapatite has the ability to promote bone growing, devices based on OHAp are mechanically weak and need to be reinforced for...

Authors: Rodrigo Jiménez-Gallegos, L. Téllez-Jurado, Luis M. Rodríguez-Lorenzo, Julio San Román

Abstract: This paper focuses on the preparation of siloxane-polyurethane hybrid materials using a sol-gel method. The global aim of the project is to...

Authors: J.H. Kim, Yong Keun Lee, B.J. Choi, H.K. Son, Jae Hoon Lee, S.O. Kim, J.S. Song, H.J. Choi

Abstract: he aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of HA on the demineralization resistance and bonding strength of light-curing glass ionomer...

Authors: Hernán E. Romeo, María A. Fanovich

Abstract: In recent years, considerable attention has been focused on the development of new composite materials for application as drug delivery...

Authors: D. Ionita, G. Tihan, A.T. Marques

Abstract: The purpose of this study is the obtaining of different orthopedic materials and chemical and mechanical characterization. The chemical...


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