High-Performance Ceramics VI

Volumes 434-435

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.434-435

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Authors: Chun Huy Wang

Abstract: The 0.98(Na0.5K0.5)NbO3–0.02Ba(Zr0.04Ti0.96)O3 ceramics have been prepared following the conventional mixed oxide process. X-ray diffraction...

Authors: Yan Wang, Jian Feng Huang, Li Yun Cao, Hui Zhu, Xie Rong Zeng

Abstract: ZnS is one of the most important semiconductors with wide direct band-gap (3.68 eV) and it is widely used as electroluminescence, flat panel...

Authors: Hong Qin Liu, Shi Xiang Lu, Wen Guo Xu, Wei Pan

Abstract: The ZnO films were fabricated by chemical oxidation of metallic Zn in a 5% N, N-dimethyl- formamide (DMF) aqueous solution at 95°C for 24h....

Authors: Dong Yan Tang, Xiao Hong Zhang, Ying Jie Qiao, Y. Li

Abstract: The oriented La modified PZT thin films were prepared on Pt/Ti/SiO2/Si substrate by the LB technique. The pre-sintering temperatures and the...

Authors: Song Mei Yuan, Wei Dong Liu, Chi Zhuang

Abstract: The structure and principle of an optical scanner actuated by PZT films have been presented in this paper. FEA software (ANSYS9.0) has been...

Authors: Dei Wei Chou, Kan Lin Chen, Chien Jung Huang, Chern Hwa Chen, Wen Ray Chen, Teen Hang Meen, Ke Shiang Shiau

Abstract: In this paper, the improvements in luminance and efficiency have been demonstrated in a white polymer light-emitting device (PLED) with the...

Authors: Kan Lin Chen, Chien Jung Huang, Pin Hsiang Chiu, Yeong Her Wang

Abstract: Monodispersed gold nanocubes of highly uniform size were fabricated by a simple electrochemical method. The lengths of the edges of the gold...

Authors: Dei Wei Chou, Kan Lin Chen, Chien Jung Huang, Wen Ray Chen, Teen Hang Meen, Wen Chieh Shih

Abstract: In this investigation, the effect of the thickness in the flexible organic light-emitting diode (FOLED) is studied. The larger luminance and...

Authors: Kanit Soongprasit, Duangdao Aht-Ong, Viboon Sricharoenchaikul, Duangduen Atong

Abstract: Perovskite-type oxides catalyst are of interest for various application such as auto-thermal reforming (ART), catalytic wet air oxidation...

Authors: Yang Yang, Xiao Hui Wang, Long Tu Li

Abstract: Zinc-doped TiO2 nanotube arrays were fabricated by immersing TiO2 nanotube arrays in zinc-containing solution for hours. And subsequent...


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