Materials Engineering for Advanced Technologies

Volumes 480-481

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Feng Zhu, Lan Ye

Abstract: Al2O3 reinforced Ti3A1C2 in situ composites have been fabricated by reactive hot pressing method from the mixture of Ti, Al, TiO2 and C. The...

Authors: Kuang Hung Tseng, Hsiang Lin Sung

Abstract: Activated flux assisted tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding of austenitic 316L stainless steel was investigated. Autogenous TIG welding was...

Authors: Ya Ping Mo, Jian Jun Fan, Yuan Wang

Abstract: The experiments were conducted based on the study of one kind of ultra fine-sized magnetite concentrate with nearly 85% of the material...

Authors: Jun De Yang, Zhong Ping Luo, Fan Lu, Yuan Wang

Abstract: The following conclusion is drawn from detailed mechanical analysis of Diamond Saw Blade,The load on diamond is not significant in cutting....

Authors: Hong Liu

Abstract: State education business institutes are believed as catalyst for the economic progress (especial for commerce) of any country. In China,...

Authors: Yao Xiang Li, Li Chun Jiang

Abstract: The crystallinity of wood has an important effect on the physical, mechanical and chemical properties of cellulose fibers. Crystallinity of...

Authors: Jian Feng Zhu, Yong Zhou, Hai Bo Yang, Fen Wang

Abstract: ZnO-based linear resistance ceramics were synthesized using Al2O3 doped ZnO-based system as raw materials by sintered at 1340 °C for 3 h....

Authors: Jun De Yang, Zhong Ping Luo, Fan Lu, Yuan Wang

Abstract: It is stated that Diamond saw blades requires high embedding strength of the diamond, while diamond drill bits do not. It is necessary to...

Authors: Zhi Shu Yao, Hai Qing Song, Hua Cheng

Abstract: For the economic and reasonable application of high strength composite shaft lining of steel and concrete, the mechanical characteristic of...

Authors: Lue Zhang, Hong Hu, Yong Cao

Abstract: To reveal the jetting of fine drops, model of 2-phase flow between gas and liquid is offered based on volume of fluid method. Numerical...


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