Materials Engineering for Advanced Technologies

Volumes 480-481

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wen Teng Chang, Yu Ting Chen, Chung Chin Kuo

Abstract: Five-period hydrogenated silicon carbide (SiC) multiple quantum wells with silicon dioxide (SiO2) or silicon nitride (SiN) dielectric that...

Authors: Shao Feng Zeng, Wen Zhe Chen

Abstract: In this study AZ31 sheet with a thickness of 1.2mm and diameter of 52mm was simulated to press into a dish by a finite element method(FEM)...

Authors: Ming Guo, Lan Ying Wu, Chang Xin Liu, Song Hua Zhou

Abstract: The Bi2Mn0.1V0.9O5.35-δ (BIMNVOX.10) thin films have been successfully deposited on the LaNiO3(LNO)/Si (100) substrates by chemical solution...

Authors: Kai Zhang, Xiao Feng Shang, Wei Jun Liu

Abstract: The Laser Metal Deposition Shaping (LMDS) is a state-of-the-art technology which correlates the Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing (RP&M)...

Authors: Yang Zhang, Lin Li

Abstract: We have proposed a three-dimensional sand table based on the video see-through tabletop augmented reality (VSTAR) system. The hybrid...

Authors: Hua Yong Zhong, Hua Zhai, Han Zhao

Abstract: The super high-quality zirconium alloys thin walled pipe is an important part in the nuclear power station to transmit nuclear fuel, and it...

Authors: Ban Quan Yang, Fa Xin Li

Abstract: A mechanical model of coating-substrate specimen is developed that allows us to derive analytical solution to quantify the residual stress...

Authors: Yue Hui Wang, Hong Yan Tian, Dan Dan Jia, Hong Lei Wang, Lu Liu, Dong Jun Wang

Abstract: College of chemistry is the required course of every non-liberal arts students, how to teach them with green chemistry concepts is a key...

Authors: Peng Luo, Dao Jin Pan

Abstract: In order to produce paper from agricultural residues such as wheat straw, it is necessary to delignify the wheat straw. Ethanol cooking is a...

Authors: Ji Bao Liu, Zheng Fang Shi, Xiao Jing Li, Di Wang

Abstract: The CIMS development and the high-speed cutting has given a higher demands on cutter performance. It is an tremendous tendency of studying...


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