Materials Engineering for Advanced Technologies

Volumes 480-481

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Jun Bi, Hong Yu Sun, Shou Shan Liu

Abstract: One kind of automatic wireless infusion control/monitoring system based on micro controller unit(MCU) and nRF401 had been designed and...

Authors: Nan Xu, Xian Jia Wang

Abstract: The decision-making process of reservoir operation is extremely complex and DSS (Decision Support System) has been used in reservoir...

Authors: Dong Fen Ye, Wei Fan, Lin Jing Lin

Abstract: In some companies, there are a lot of data exchange between head office and branch offices. Based on the situation and the actual...

Authors: Jian Jun Song, Xiao Ping Du, Qiao Wang, Xin Li, Yu Jiang

Abstract: The evaluation progress using the cloud model executes the transform between the qualitative object and ration and makes the evaluation...

Authors: Jian Jun Song, Xiao Ping Du, Ji Guang Zhao, Jing Peng Chen, Qiao Wang, Bi Ming Feng, Xin Li, Yu Jiang

Abstract: The launch site security issues have been became the focus of the world’s research for several decades. Aiming at the filling system, the...

Authors: Hong Ren, Jian Bing Liu

Abstract: The real estate has become an important pillar industry in our current, green ecological real brand is one of the most important intangible...

Authors: Jian Wen, Li Juan Lei, Zhi Qiang Tian

Abstract: It is important to evaluate the independent innovation capacity of high-tech industry scientifically, which could accelerate high-tech...

Authors: Zhen He Ma, Yi Xiong Su, Zhong Hai He, Qiao Yun Wang

Abstract: A high speed spectral optical coherence tomography (SOCT) system was demonstrated. An achievable scanning speed of 92k line/sec has been...

Authors: Min Liang Guang, Shao Dan

Abstract: We investigate the problem of a widespread occurrence of an unknown worm in vehicular networks at equilibrium traffic. We introduce an...

Authors: Dong Xing Wang, Su Chen

Abstract: The most commonly used indoor fire extinguishing systems are automatic sprinkling fire extinguishing systems. However, such systems have...


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