Materials Engineering for Advanced Technologies

Volumes 480-481

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bai Hong Tan, Liang Zhang

Abstract: A calibrated plate will be placed on the spot before digital pictures are taken to calculate all kinds of useful data with a distance...

Authors: Kuei Hsiang Chao, Yu Hsu Lee

Abstract: In this paper, a novel incremental conductance (INC) maximum power point tracking (MPPT) method based on extension theory is developed to...

Authors: Xiao Li, Xiao Jiang Su

Abstract: This article presents a shield’s earth-pressure-balance (EPB) simulation device based on fluid power transmission principle. The device was...

Authors: Feng Li Huang, Jin Mei Gu, Yong Jian Lou, Guo Wen Liu

Abstract: Aiming at the runner design feature of injection mold of combinational cavities laid in non-natural balance, the design method of...

Authors: Jin Qu Zhang

Abstract: A shapefile to SWF conversion software was mainly introduced. By converting the traditional GIS files such as ESRI Shapefile to the Shock...

Authors: Feng Du, Zhi Wei Guan, Yi Zhou

Abstract: For those large-scale and complex mechanical products, considering economy and applicability, these products are impossible to be discarded...

Authors: Xi Ye, Wu Shao Wen, Yi Ru Ye

Abstract: In this paper, we present the design and implementation of OTP-DEF, a kernel extension to protect web servers against application layer DDoS...

Authors: Ting Jun Li

Abstract: The area of robust detection in the presence of partly unknown useful signal or interference is a widespread task in many signal processing...

Authors: Xiao Wei Yang, Xue Ren Dong, Yu Zhen Ma, Feng Nan Liu

Abstract: In this paper, we conducted the research on RFID technology in the application of parking management system. The system adopts the scheme of...

Authors: Xue Lei Chen

Abstract: The limiting facts of driving the Hall element by the pulsed power supply and sampling when the peak value coming are studied. The...


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