Materials Engineering for Advanced Technologies

Volumes 480-481

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Tian, Ming Qian Wang, Hao Kang

Abstract: A process mining approach based on α-algorithm is proposed, which can be applied to mine duplicate tasks contained in workflow logs. In this...

Authors: Yuan Qiang Chen

Abstract: This paper studies the exponential stability problem of uncertain delayed systems with multiple delays and parameter uncertainty. By...

Authors: Jie Yang, Hua Min Zhang, Wu Xie

Abstract: A kind of minimum mean square error linear equalizer (MMSE-BLE) algorithm is presented for the solution on channel capacity of...

Authors: Nan Quan Zhou

Abstract: The paper presents a new method to remove baseline drift in the brain blood stream signal based on cubic spline interpolation theory....

Authors: Xiao Hong Li

Abstract: In this paper, the axial elongation of vertical shell and tube heat exchanger with expansion joint are studied based on thetheories of...

Authors: Shu Dong Zhang, Zhen Xing Sun, Ning Luo

Abstract: We design and implement a kind of dynamic report model in Silverlight application which based on TelerikReporting component and the...

Authors: You Hang Zhou, Hui Guo, Yin Song Dong, Qi He

Abstract: To detect the quality of batch drilling quickly,a new approach based on Acoustic Emission signals is presented. The signals’ statistical...

Authors: Meng Chao Li

Abstract: Scanning tunneling microscopy is a precise nano measuring machine, and high precision means the influence factors of scanning tunneling...

Authors: Han Dong Wang

Abstract: As we know, there is plenty of waste hot water produced by families’ shower or Sauna and drained directly into the environment. It causes...

Authors: He Yan, Ying Jun Pan

Abstract: The factors of aliasing in the nonsubsampled Contourlet transform(NSCT) has been analyzed.The primary reason has been pointed that the à...


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