Materials Engineering for Advanced Technologies

Volumes 480-481

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chai Gang, Xiao Yu Huang

Abstract: This paper studies the application of computer games in the popularization of forestry science knowledge and proposes a method of 3D game...

Authors: Yan Shuang Wang, Zhe Liu, Hai Feng Zhu

Abstract: Heat generation of a bearing was studied based in this paper. Computational models of power loss were built. The total heat generation was...

Authors: Cheng Mao Li, Xiao Yu Huang

Abstract: Today's computer depends on network more and more, thus collaborative design has become an important way of workflow. Because of cumbersome...

Authors: Yan Shuang Wang, Hai Feng Zhu

Abstract: Based on the quasi-static analysis and the power loss analysis, the temperature distribution is calculated by ANSYS.The different part...

Authors: Yan Shuang Wang, Ning Ning Jin, Hai Feng Zhu

Abstract: A nonlinear dynamics analysis mathematical model for the high-speed cylindrical roller bearing was built up. Dynamic performance parameters...

Authors: Xiao Xuan Qi, Jian Wei Ji, Xiao Wei Han

Abstract: Rolling bearing failures account for most of rotating machinery failures. Fault diagnosis of rolling bearings according to their running...

Authors: Hong Ling Yuan

Abstract: This essay analyzes the concurrent activities in the injection product development. Taking the myopia therapeutic apparatus as an example,...

Authors: Jun Liu, Cheng Mao Li

Abstract: With the economic becomes globalization and integration. Animation is a high-tech industry. It contains some factors, such as...

Authors: Yong Wang, Li Yang, Min Li

Abstract: With the rapid development of telecommunication, the competition of telecom market becomes more and more drastic. It is very important for...

Authors: Hao Wang, Ruey Cheu, Der Horng Lee

Abstract: Most routing decisions or diversion plans in the literature are made based on the current traffic situation and little attention is paid to...


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