Materials Engineering for Advanced Technologies

Volumes 480-481

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Wang, Guo Niu Zhu, Yuan Long Chen

Abstract: Electrochemical machining is a process combined with electrochemical and mechanical actions. It has the advantage of higher efficiency,...

Authors: Hua Wei Ji, Yong Qing Wen, Chen Ming Fu

Abstract: Data acquisition is very important for control precision of micro-positioning platform. Based on LabVIEW, a kind of MSMA (Magnetically...

Authors: Jian Ming Shen, Cheng Ye Liu

Abstract: Eddy current retarder was a retarder braking set used in an automobile, and it can transform kinetic energy or mechanical energy of the...

Authors: Lin Zhou, Xiao Min Cheng

Abstract: Tube hydroforming has been widely used in auto industry due to its remarkable advantages compared with conventional manufacturing via...

Authors: Ya Qin Wang, Yu Ming Song

Abstract: Currently, monitoring customs declaration with limited examination of imported goods by available scarce resources poses considerable...

Authors: Hong Qiang Sang, Jian Jun Meng

Abstract: Machining center on-line inspecting technology is an effective means that can improve precision and efficiency of machining center, which...

Authors: Wei Wang, Yu Ze Song, Kenzo Nonami, Yong Cheng, Yong Zhou, Feng Wang

Abstract: MAV (Micro Air Vehicle) can be used for many applications such as the investigation of inhospitable environments, regions contaminated by...

Authors: J. Ma, Nobuyoshi Komuro, Shiro Sakata

Abstract: Sensor deployment problem for target location estimation is important for sensor networks which fulfill the monitoring tasks. In this paper,...

Authors: Hua Wei Ji, Yong Qing Wen, Chen Ming Fu

Abstract: Micro-displacement manipulator consists of piezoelectric actuator and flexure hinge is being widely used in precision positioning technology...

Authors: Xi Fan Shi, Xiang Hua Chen

Abstract: It is of great significance to digitize ancient paintings and calligraphy. A typical way to acquire them is photographing the painting block...


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