Materials Engineering for Advanced Technologies

Volumes 480-481

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hai Bo Lin, Zhe Guang Hu, Guo Zhe Yang

Abstract: In ultra-precision cutting, grinding and special processing, it is difficult to resolve the conflict between the large stroke and...

Authors: Song Jie Gong

Abstract: With the popularization of the Internet and the development of E-commerce, the information on the Networks has increased greatly and the...

Authors: Yu Wang, Bao Lin Liu, Yuan Biao Hu

Abstract: This paper research the hydraulic control system of pipe storage and handling system. The pipe storage and handling system (PSHS) is the key...

Authors: Hong Guang Zhang, Ling Guo Wang, Yan Chun Xu

Abstract: The technology is developing faster and faster, and in the chemical industry, the technology is develop towards larger size, higher...

Authors: Li Jing Ren

Abstract: Now, the industries such as chemical industry is develop rapidly, and the requirement for the chrome of O2 is higher and higher. In this...

Authors: Mei Hua Zhao, Xiao Ping Zhang

Abstract: As regarding silk garment, size is a very important factor in quality control in international trade. Garment size is affected by many...

Authors: Liu Hui

Abstract: Pipe jacking, for its incomparable technical superiority, has been gaining wider and wider application in municipal construction project....

Authors: Liu Hui

Abstract: During the pipe jacking construction, the bearing plates of jack need the support of great reactive force which is provided by the side-wall...

Authors: Zhuan Yun Yang

Abstract: As a trenchless technology for buried pipeline, pipe-jacking tunnel technology is increasingly displaying the enormous superior in buried...

Authors: Zhuan Yun Yang

Abstract: Considering the current domestic situation that there is no provision for shallow pipe-jacking (with overburden soil layer not thicker than...


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