Materials Engineering for Advanced Technologies

Volumes 480-481

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhuan Yun Yang

Abstract: Inspection well is needed for water drainage pipe jacking project in municipal engineering construction, and the deep ones are usually built...

Authors: Hui Yan

Abstract: In this paper, wooden doors and windows often decorated manor house as the research object, by analyzing the types, forms, and other...

Authors: Hai Feng Chen, Feng Cao

Abstract: With China cast CAE / InteCAST, we analyzed the ordinary valve casting parameters of solidification process, flow and heat transfer, and...

Authors: Juan Wang

Abstract: This paper proposed a method to measure destructive pavement area based on region growing and topological relation. Firstly, separate the...

Authors: Shou Cheng Ding, Wen Hui Li, Shi Zhou Yang

Abstract: Microprocessors and sensor technology together achieved a fully automatic washing machine based on fuzzy control. System used an integrated...

Authors: Yao Xiang Li, Li Chun Jiang

Abstract: Mixed Effect models are flexible models to analyze grouped data including longitudinal data, repeated measures data, and multivariate...

Authors: De Qiang Li

Abstract: Scale economic analysis is important in improving industries economic level and the industry competitive power. This paper uses DEA to...

Authors: Jiang Hao

Abstract: Non-cable hoisting frame is a construction method of the main arch ribs of big span bridge. The key issue in the numerical simulation of...

Authors: Jiang Hao

Abstract: The mechanism of Masonry Arch Bridge is discussed by chain disaster theory in this paper. Result on Analyzing of the causes of disease...

Authors: Wei Zheng, Zhan Zhong Cui

Abstract: An effective non-contact electrostatic detection method is used for human body motion detection. Theoretical analysis and pratical...


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