Materials Engineering for Advanced Technologies

Volumes 480-481

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Zhi Wang, Chun Guang Yang

Abstract: Super iron concentrate (TFe>71%, SiO2 <2%) which technical content and additional value are high which is not only a deep process product of...

Authors: Jian Ming Yao

Abstract: Photon-electron pumping effects on a quantum dot connected to two magnetic leads in the presence of both via-dot and over-dot tunneling...

Authors: Li Bo, Zhong Yi Li, Yue Jin Zhang

Abstract: In ocean surface modeling a popular method of wave modeling is making use of ocean wave spectrum, which is a physical wave model and based...

Authors: Yi Hong Lu, Liang Sun, De Cai Huang

Abstract: Existing incentive mechanisms mainly describe the fuzzy index such as local credit with integer, which can’t avoid distortion of the...

Authors: Tao Yang, Xiang Li, Yong Tian Wang, Yue Liu

Abstract: The uneven illumination distribution would affect the accuracy and stability of an optical multi-touch system. In this paper, different...

Authors: Hong Jun Song, Xue Wen Rong, Yi Bin Li, Jiu Hong Ruan

Abstract: The paper presents a dedicated kinematics-based simulation system for quadruped robot gait study, named as TQRSS. The system employs Ginac’s...

Authors: Zhong Yi Tang, Sang Chen Ni, Wei Ping Duan

Abstract: The problems of stochastic stability and robust reliable sliding mode H∞ control for a class of nonlinear matched and mismatched uncertain...

Authors: Zhi Bing Chu, Dan Li, Qing Xue Huang

Abstract: The system dynamics mathematical model for 8-R seven-bar Ⅲ linkage is induced through plurality, and then translated into matrix format, the...

Authors: Gui Xian Zhou, Min Liang

Abstract: The model of service resource based on ontology is referred to meet the demand of flexibility and re-configurability of enterprise...

Authors: Liu Hui

Abstract: By selecting 30-year meteorological data of two meteorological stations near Xiamen-Zhangzhou Cross-Sea Bridge in China, and using the...


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