Materials Engineering for Advanced Technologies

Volumes 480-481

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Liu Hui

Abstract: In order to study the dynamic characteristics of a super-long-span cable-stayed bridge which is semi-floating system, the spatial finite...

Authors: Ping Zhao, Hu Zhang

Abstract: Safety risks management of safety potential information and hazard sources has been taken in Construction process. It is the most important...

Authors: Xiao Juan Al, Liang Bai

Abstract: The development of low-carbon economy is restricted and affected by the natural conditions, the economic stage as well as the industry...

Authors: Dong Man Yu, Chang Pei Shang, Di Wang, Zhi Hua Gao

Abstract: Due to high rotation accuracy, high dynamic stiffness, high vibration damping and long life, high-speed spindles supported by hydrodynamic...

Authors: Kai Zhang, Ri Sheng Long, Wei Jun Liu

Abstract: Laser Metal Deposition Shaping (LMDS) is a state-of-the-art technology that combines rapid prototyping and laser processing. There are many...

Authors: Yong Jun Hu, Yong Li, Jian Nan He, Xiao Ling Cheng, Feng Li, Xiao Ting Xiao, Yuan Chuan He, Bin Qiang Zhong, Chun Chun Zheng, Yu Chuan Zheng, Yu Chi Wu

Abstract: In this paper, the technology of semi-solid casting was to used are produced Sn-Bi alloy. The influence of agitating time at 125 °C on the...

Authors: Hai Yan Gao, Ya Ping Xu, Han Jun Ma, Run Shu Pan, Bin Li

Abstract: In this study, the goose meat was used as raw material and the formula of composite tender agent was optimized by Response Surface...

Authors: Jian Liang Peng

Abstract: The coordination development between Manufacturing and Logistics is important for a district to ensure its healthy and sustainable...

Authors: Xue Ming He, Chen Liang Hua, Cheng Gang Li, Min Min Ni, Qing Hua Jin

Abstract: Surface reconstruction by alpha geometric shape based on triangulation is a new idea and method in computer graphics and reverse...

Authors: Dong Yun Wang, Cheng Guan, Li Ping Shao

Abstract: In position control system of hydraulic excavator, the uncoordinated speeds between joints make quite trajectory errors no matter how well...


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