Materials Engineering for Advanced Technologies

Volumes 480-481

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chun Jiang Zhou

Abstract: The radial positioning accuracy and stiffness are two important indexes to measure the performance of tool system. Once HSK tool system is...

Authors: Dang Quan Zhang, Huai Yun Zhang, Lin Lin Guo, Kuan Peng

Abstract: Liriodendron chinense (Hemsl.) Sarg (Chinese tulip tree) has a long history of utilization and plantation, but the chemical components of...

Authors: Wen Tsai Sung, Yao Chi Hsu, Jui Ho Chen

Abstract: For factory automation, devices and machine make a lot of space has become crowded and full of workers makes the operation of the pipeline...

Authors: Nan Xie, Bin Xia

Abstract: This paper is concerned with the problem of state-feedback guaranteed cost controller design for uncertain networked systems with both...

Authors: Bao Dong Li, Xiao Hong Wu

Abstract: A method of turning process parameter optimization combining neural networks with genetic algorithm was presented.Taking experimental data...

Authors: Xiao Juan Zhang, Guan Jun Qiao

Abstract: The key parameters for Simulated Annealing Algorithm (SAA) and Genetic Algorithm (GA) were determined by test experiments. With optimal...

Authors: Jing Yue Wang, Hao Tian Wang

Abstract: The complex dynamics behavior of the four-dimensional Qi system is studied. The route to chaos of the system is studied by the time course...

Authors: Xiao Ming Zhao, Xiao Yuan Zhou, Sheng Chun Yuan

Abstract: This paper compares and analyzes various common sub-pixels layouts in the outdoor LED (Light Emitting Diode) display industry. According to...

Authors: Yan Hui Chen

Abstract: The control of chaotic synchronization is the kernel technology in chaos-based secure communication. Those control methods have to...

Authors: Xin Jin Liu, Yun Zou, Jian Li Liu

Abstract: In this paper, the effect of the coupling strength to the complex network synchronizability is investigated. For a given network with...


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