Materials Engineering for Advanced Technologies

Volumes 480-481

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Guo Guan, Zhong Liang Deng, Yue Tao Ge, Yan Pei Yu

Abstract: This study focuses on the indoor location system based on radio fingerprinting, and a grid positioning method based on weighted Euclidean...

Authors: Zheng Wang, Yong Ji Wang, Zhe Li

Abstract: An improved ant colony optimization is presented for solving subset problem by using k-nearest neighbor, which is used to reconfigure...

Authors: Wei Yang, Hai Gang Wang, Xiao Hong Qiu

Abstract: It proposes the decision module which based on the combination of polychromatic set and hybrid particle swarm algorithm. It uses...

Authors: Feng Liu, Jun Min Wang

Abstract: In recent years, in order to reduce building energy consumption in China, and vigorously promote the development of ecological construction,...

Authors: Ang Wu, Juan Hua Zhu, Xiao Ning Hu

Abstract: A food safety testing instrument is designed and developed based microcontroller. The instrument includes optical unit, conditioning unit...

Authors: Ge Ren, Xing Qin Cao, Wei Min Pan, Yong Yang

Abstract: A new Region-based GAC (geodesic active contour) model was presented, which is the improvement of traditional GAC model. A new region-based...

Authors: Zhi Ming Wang

Abstract: Maintenance intervals and the optimal number of maintenance N*of NC machine tools in infinite time horizon are presented using a hybrid...

Authors: An Ping Pan

Abstract: Evacuation is a process in which threatened people are displaced from dangerous places to safer places in order to reduce the health and...

Authors: Wen Li Peng, Zhong Bao Qin, Wen Ni Zhang, Juan Juan Tan

Abstract: The concept and contents of green leather shoes are analyzed in this paper. It is introduced mainly how to practice green technology in the...

Authors: Chun Jiang Zhou

Abstract: The coupling performance of tool system is the important factor for the machining quality of high speed machining. Based on the deformation...


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