Materials Engineering for Advanced Technologies

Volumes 480-481

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Di Xiao Wu, Tao Jiang

Abstract: Fixed lead angle is an essential element of torpedo salvo data compendium preparation。On the basis of the characteristics and clear...

Authors: Bin Yang, Mao Song Wan, Qing Hong Sun

Abstract: This paper presents a new steering control structure for vehicles equipped with four-wheel steering system. A linear model of the lateral...

Authors: Jian Hua Ren, Wei Wang, Rong Liu

Abstract: This paper took the high-speed wire rod rolling process of φ20 bar as the research object, to be simulated numerically under the work...

Authors: D.F. Fam, S.P. Koh, Tiong Sieh Kiong, K.H. Chong

Abstract: The solar tracker, a device that keeps PV or photo-thermal panels in an optimum position perpendicular to the solar radiation during...

Authors: Ke Gao Liu, Xi Qiang Sun

Abstract: At present, the structural dynamic observation by scanning electron microscope (SEM) has a wide range application in the research and...

Authors: Xiang Tong Yan

Abstract: For the characteristic of cross-coupled multi-disciplinary research of microcomponent effect plays an important role in the MEMS system. The...

Authors: Chi Zhang, Guang Zhou Zhao

Abstract: A high efficiency axial-flux brushless DC motor assisted by self axial magnetic bearing and used in flywheel energy storage system is...

Authors: Dan Lin Cai, Da Xin Zhu

Abstract: The video Monitoring System is an important part of intelligent building security system. The structure of the video Monitoring system is...

Authors: Zhao Hua Liu, Jia Bin Chen, Yong Wang, Chun Lei Song, Jun Wang, Wei Feng

Abstract: Considering the control requirements of guided projectile, a novel method is studied that using three low-cost MEMS accelerometers as...

Authors: Wei Li

Abstract: Pushed by the country policy about energy conservation, the usage amounts of new wall material promptly increases, the production automation...


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