Materials Engineering for Advanced Technologies

Volumes 480-481

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ying Tie, Cheng Li, Bao Sen Zhang

Abstract: Kinetic equation of dumping geo-container is considered, ALE dynamic mesh technique of finite element is applied, and strength and failure...

Authors: Wen Ting Wu, Yi Ren, Heng Yu Zhao

Abstract: Since ancient times, nature has been the source of various principles of science and technology and major invention. The features of plant...

Authors: Lin Huo, De Shun Li, Ying Lu Tan, Xiao Xing, Xian Ze Zou

Abstract: Secure index is the core technology in the full-ciphertext retrieval. In order to appliance the efficient full-text retrieval in the...

Authors: Yun Hong Li, Xin Hai Yang

Abstract: This paper introduces the design of generally remote transmission system with high reliability and multi-transmission-channels. Using a...

Authors: Yan Zhong Hu, Hua Dong Wang

Abstract: Hypercube is one of the basic types of interconnection networks. In this paper, we use the concept of the Cartesian product graph to define...

Authors: Shen Xu, Xi Fei Zhang, Jun Song Li, Hai Jin

Abstract: Battery lifetime is a critical design parameter in the operation of mobile computing devices. Maximizing the battery lifetime is a...

Authors: Pei Jiang Chen

Abstract: Modern medical diagnose has higher demand for image archiving and communication, the medical image display technology is mainly studied...

Authors: Kwon Hyeokjae, T. Enkhbaatar, Ham Woonchul

Abstract: In this paper, we propose hardware and software implementation scheme for developing a first version of virtual terminal based on CAN. We...

Authors: Mei Hong Wu

Abstract: According to the characteristics of Traditional Chinese Medicine, this paper introduces an intuitionistic fuzzy set-based method to realize...

Authors: Yi Yong Yao, Li Ping Zhao

Abstract: The repeated positioning accuracy of ink-jet printing equipments is the key influencing factor for the dimensional stability of flexible...


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