Advances in Fracture and Damage Mechanics X

Volumes 488-489

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Michal Zouhar, Pavel Hutař, Luboš Náhlík, Zdeněk Knésl

Abstract: The multi-layered structure components of dissimilar materials are used in many engineering applications to protect the base structure from...

Authors: Ping Ma, You Tang Li

Abstract: A special clamp for fatigue of shaft under bending-torsion that used on the fatigue machine is designed and manufactured. For the medium...

Authors: You Tang Li, Rui Feng Wang

Abstract: The eigen-values problem of matrix cracks is studied in this paper. The stress field and displacement field of plane matrix crack is setup...

Authors: Bo Chen, You Tang Li

Abstract: The tip radius ρ, depth t and field angle α of notch and the geometrical sizes a and b of shaft are looked as...

Authors: Pavel Hutař, Martin Ševčík, Luboš Náhlík, Zdeněk Knésl

Abstract: In many industrial applications it is necessary to predict fatigue lifetime of the structures where the stress field near the crack front...

Authors: Predrag Čanžar, Zdenko Tonković, Ante Bakić, Janos Kodvanj

Abstract: This paper presents an experimental and numerical study on two different types of the nodular cast iron EN-GJS-400-18-LT. The experimental...

Authors: Martina Lovrenić-Jugović, Zdenko Tonković, Ivica Skozrit

Abstract: A new one-dimensional constitutive model for human cortical bone is proposed to simulate the viscoelastic–viscoplastic behaviour occurring...

Authors: Chang Su Woo, Hyun Sung Park, Wae Gi Shin

Abstract: The material modeling of hyper-elastic properties in rubber is generally characterized by the strain energy function. The strain energy...

Authors: Seok Jin Kwon, Jung Won Seo, Dong Hyung Lee, Sung Tae Kwon

Abstract: The railway wheel in long-term running had experienced the wheel damage due to fatigue crack and shelling. The damaged wheel in railway...

Authors: Gum Sung Ryu, Si Hwan Kim, Kyung Taek Koh, Su Tae Kang, Jang Hwa Lee

Abstract: The fabrication of Portland cement causes numerous problems accompanying the large exhaustion of gas. Even if fly ash, an industrial...


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