Advances in Fracture and Damage Mechanics X

Volumes 488-489

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yeon Su Kim, Se Ky Chang, Kyeong Ho Moon, Jai Kyun Mok

Abstract: The car body of the bi-modal tram has been designed and built to have low floor to provide the old and the handicapped with easy access...

Authors: Gordana Marunić, Goran Gregov, Vladimir Glažar

Abstract: The paper deals with the discussion how nominal spur tooth root stress of thin-rimmed gear determined in accordance with the standard ISO...

Authors: Marco Giglio, Andrea Manes, Carlo Mapelli, Davide Mombelli, Claudio Baldizzone, Andrea Gruttadauria

Abstract: Calibration and exploitation of failure criterion is at present a challenging field in the structural integrity scenario. Calibrated failure...

Authors: Guido Dhondt

Abstract: Components in jet engines are subject to time-dependent multiaxial loading. This creates a time-varying mixed-mode stress state at the crack...

Authors: Clemens Vichytil, G. Mori, Reinhard Pippan, M. Panzenböck, Rainer Fluch

Abstract: Purpose: Applications for highly corrosive environments and cyclic loading are often made out of austenitic stainless steels. Corrosion...

Authors: Dave Hannes, B. Alfredsson

Abstract: The crack path and growth life of surface initiated rolling contact fatigue was investigated numerically based on the asperity point load...

Authors: Catarina Vidal, Virgínia Infante, Pedro Vilaça

Abstract: Friction Stir Channelling (FSC) is a simple and innovative technique of manufacturing integral and continuous channels (also referred as...

Authors: Britta Schramm, Hans A. Richard, Markus Fulland, Viktor Kloster

Abstract: This article deals with the development of functional graded materials which is pursued by the collaborative research centre Transregio 30....

Authors: Peter Göncz, Rok Potočnik, Srečko Glodež

Abstract: This paper deals with calculation procedure for lifetime determination of a large three-row roller slewing bearing. First, the contact force...

Authors: Olaf van der Sluis, Sander P.M. Noijen, J. B. Bouquet, P.H.M. Timmermans

Abstract: Macroscopic delamination of polymer-metal interfaces is one of the main failure modesobserved in micro-electronic components. Due to the...


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