Advances in Fracture and Damage Mechanics X

Volumes 488-489

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Gong Shun Guan, Bao Jun Bang, Rui Tao Niu

Abstract: The aluminum mesh/plate bumper was designed by improving on AL-Whipple shield, and a series of hypervelocity impact tests were practiced...

Authors: Tian Shu Song, Dong Li, Tammam Merhej

Abstract: Dynamic antiplane behaviors are investigated theoretically in this paper for a quarter infinite piezoelectric medium with a subsurface...

Authors: Sung Cheol Yoon, Jeong Guk Kim, Kwang Sun Baik, Byeong Choon Goo, Kang Youn Choe

Abstract: The truck that is used as running equipment for freight car support is a core structural part that supports the load of the car body and...

Authors: Masakazu Terai, Koichi Minami

Abstract: Fiber reinforced concrete is superior to plain concrete in toughness, which is the energy absorption at fracture. This study is intended to...

Authors: Hong Li, Da Lu Qiu, Guang Lei Li, Hui Long Ren

Abstract: Residual plastic strains of the shipboard are the product of nonlinear behaviors during welding. Deformations of a welded shipboard injure...

Authors: Tao Fan

Abstract: In this paper, the variational principle for the simply supported FGM plate is presented by the variational integral method. Then, the...

Authors: Dong Ni Chen, Hui Qi, Yong Shi

Abstract: The scattering of SH-wave caused by the subsurface circular cavities in an elastic half-space covered with an elastic layer was discussed,...

Authors: John Montesano, Zouheir Fawaz, Kamran Behdinan, Cheung Poon

Abstract: In this study the tensile static and fatigue behaviour of a woven-fabric laminate is investigated in both the on-axis and off-axis material...

Authors: Noriyuki Takano, Yutaka Kaidu

Abstract: It is known that type 310S stainless steel is insensitive to hydrogen embrittlement. Then, the effect of hydrogen on the mechanical...

Authors: Kazuhiro Morino, Fumihito Nishimura, Norio Kawagoishi

Abstract: In order to investigate the effect of radical nitriding on fatigue strength of spheroidal graphite cast iron FCD400, rotating bending...


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