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Authors: E. Czarnowska, A. Sowinska, B. Cukrowska, Jerzy Robert Sobiecki, Tadeusz Wierzchoń

Abstract: Cell adhesion to biomaterials and cell proliferation are affected, among others, by the chemical composition and surface microtopography of...

Authors: Che Ting Yung, Shuang Shii Lian, Y.J. Sung

Abstract: Synoviocyte is one of the cells in direct contact with the wear particles and the role of synoviocytes in the prosthesis loosening remains...

Authors: Xiang Cai Meng, Xing Yi Li, Kui Long Lu

Abstract: The hydroxyapatite (HA) particle with different morphologies were prepared by adding a certain additive into Ca(H2PO4)2·H2O and controlling...

Authors: Mu Qin Li, Da Shan Shang, Chen Ma, Shi Qin Yang

Abstract: Ti/bioglass composite coatings on titanium alloy were prepared by a subsonic thermal spraying technology. Mixtures of titanium and bioglass...

Authors: Yuko Nakamori, G. Kitahara, T. Kudo, T. Yamagishi, Shinichi Orimo

Abstract: Fundamental researches on complex hydrides are recently of great importance to develop practical hydrogen storage materials with higher...

Authors: Xing Long Gou, Li Na Xu, Wei Yang Li, Jun Chen, Qiang Xu

Abstract: Metal-complex hydrides Li3AlH6 and V-doped Li3AlH6 nanoparticles were synthesized by solid reactions of LiH and LiAlH4 in the absence and in...

Authors: Shi Chun Mu, M. Pan, Run Zhang Yuan

Abstract: Some minerals were considered to store hydrogen on the basis of their porous crystal structure. Besides of crystal graphite and zeolite,...

Authors: Huaiyu Shao, Yun Tao Wang, Xing Guo Li

Abstract: Mg, Ni and Cu nanoparticles were prepared by hydrogen plasma-metal reaction method. Nanostructured Mg2Ni and Mg2Ni0.75Cu0.25 compound were...

Authors: Nam Young Suk, Kyung Sub Lee

Abstract: The effects of Ca addition on the microstructure and mechanical properties of AZ91 magnesium alloy have been investigated. The main changes...

Authors: Y. Zhang, Y. Tsushio, Hirotoshi Enoki, Etsuo Akiba

Abstract: Novel Mg-Co binary alloys with BCC (body-centered cubic) structure have been successfully synthesized by means of mechanical alloying...


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