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Authors: Qi Ming Dong, Ping Liu, Juan Hua Su, He Jun Li, Bao Hong Tian

Abstract: By using the finite element method and large strain two-dimension plane strain model, the flaking damage of Cu-Fe-P lead frame sheet is...

Authors: Qing Feng Wang, Cheng Jia Shang, R.D. Fu, Ya Nan Wang, Wayne Chen

Abstract: Two major challenges in relation to laser welding are abrupt change in metallurgical aspects and actual assessment of the mechanical...

Authors: Rui Jie Zhang, Zhi He, Wan Qi Jie

Abstract: A method to predict the solid-liquid interface stability and the constrained dendrite growth of multi-component alloys was developed based...

Authors: Wim De Waele, R.M. Denys, Patrick de Baets

Abstract: By using data of Curved Wide Plate (CWP) tests, a simple procedure to derive tolerable girth weld defect sizes is presented. The procedure...

Authors: Wim De Waele

Abstract: Multiple defects in welds, when detected, have to be assessed for interaction. Current code rules are based on linear elastic fracture...

Authors: D. Lewis III, Ralph W. Bruce, Arne W. Fliflet, L.K. Kurihara, R.L. Bruce

Abstract: We present results on microwave and millimeter-wave processing of materials. The research is primarily based on two systems– a 2.45 GHz, 6...

Authors: C.M. Acuna, M. Sherrington

Abstract: In the last two decades copper metallurgy has faced tough challenges to comply with environmental regulations and falling copper prices....

Authors: Kyeong Hwan Choe, Gue Serb Cho, Kyong Whoan Lee, Akira Ikenaga

Abstract: Mold filling characteristics in the Mg Expendable Pattern Casting(EPC) process were investigated in terms of casting conditions such as...

Authors: Shan Liu, R. Trivedi

Abstract: Models and theories of the microstructure evolution in a directional solidification (DS) process will be firstly addressed. Discrepancies...


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