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Authors: Jia Wei Mi, Z. Shi, Patrick S. Grant
Abstract:A finite element model has been developed to simulate the coupled effects of deposit shape evolution and heat flow inside spray formed...
Authors: Ying Dong Qu, Cheng Song Cui, San Ben Chen, Qing Chun Li
Abstract:A PID controller has been developed to improve the dimensional precision of a deposit during spray forming. Simulation has been carried out...
Authors: Jun Fei Fan, Yin Zhang, San Bing Ren, You Duo He, Jing Guo Zhang, De Sheng Sun, Hai Rong Le
Abstract:The simulation software of compressible gas flow process in spray forming equipment was developed under three-dimensional cylindrical...
Authors: Yin Zhang, Jun Fei Fan, You Duo He, San Bing Ren, Jing Guo Zhang, De Sheng Sun, Hai Rong Le
Abstract:Through the probability simulation method, the statistical model of mass metal liquid droplets during metal spray forming process was...
Authors: Jian Cheng Fang, Wen Ji Xu, Zhi Yu Zhao, L. Wang
Abstract:There are many technical parameters influencing on the coating quality in plasma spray forming which has become an important technology in...
Authors: Won Yong Kim, In Dong Yeo, Tae Yeub Ra, Mok Soon Kim
Abstract:The microstructure and mechanical property of Al 5083 alloy produced by spray forming and then subsequent hot extrusion at 693 K were...
Authors: Hai Sheng Shi, Jun Fei Fan, Jing Guo Zhang, Hai Rong Le, Yong Peng, Bing Zhong Jin, Xiao-chuan Mi
Abstract:The CuNi15Sn8 alloy has quite potential applications in the field of the electrical appliance industry. However, this alloy is prone to...
Authors: Meiyan Zhan, Zhen Hua Chen, Hong Ge Yan, Weijun Xia
Abstract:The evolution of SiC particle distribution in spray codeposition SiCp/7075Al composite during extrusion was investigated. A unique...
Authors: Xiao Jun Li, Jing Guo Zhang, Hai Sheng Shi, Jian Sheng Wu
Authors: Zhou Li, Guo Qing Zhang, Shi Fan Tian, Ming Gao Yan
Abstract:Microstructures and hot deformation behaviors of spray formed superalloy GH742 have been studied in this paper. The results indicate that the...
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