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Authors: Christiane Mázur Lauricella, Xiaogang Shang, Sérgio Duarte Brandi

Abstract: In this work an applicable mathematical method is described in the analysis and description of the profile of the drop obtained in the...

Authors: Antonio J. Ramirez, Sérgio Duarte Brandi

Abstract: Welding is a non-equilibrium process. However, some weldability issues, as the extension of the heat-affected zone (HAZ) can be addressed...

Authors: Zhen Hua Li, Yan Xiang Li

Abstract: In order to clarify the effect of antimony on graphite morphology and mechanical properties in heavy section ductile iron, experiments were...

Authors: Guo Qing Zhang, Zhou Li, Zhong Wu Liu, Zhi Hui Zhang, Yifei Zhang, Hua Yuan, Rui Ping Yao, Shibin Xu, Shi Fan Tian, Ming Gao Yan

Abstract: A unique pilot low-pressure spray forming plant was established and its spray atomisation and deposition process developed to study the new...

Authors: Jing Guo Zhang, Guang Min Luo, Xiao Jun Li, Jun Wang, Biao Yan, Yi Jian Lin, Hai Sheng Shi, Hao Zhang

Abstract: The recent investigations on spray formed ultrahigh-carbon steels (UHCSs) are reviewed. A satisfactory combination of strength and ductility...

Authors: Bai Qing Xiong, Yong'an Zhang, Bao Hong Zhu, Hong Wei Liu, Zhi Hui Zhang, Li Kai Shi

Abstract: An ultra-high strength Al-11Zn-2.9Mg-1.7Cu alloy has been prepared by spray forming process. The microstructures of as-cast and as-deposited...

Authors: C.Y. Chen, Chi Y.A. Tsao

Abstract: ray forming was employed to refine the microstructures of AZ91 and AZ91-3.34wt%Si Mg alloys during solidification by means of rapid...

Authors: Cheng Song Cui, Udo Fritsching, Alwin Schulz, Klaus Bauckhage, Peter Mayr

Abstract: To minimize the distortion potential of bearing steels, 100Cr6 steel has been spray formed for the manufacture of ring shape components in...

Authors: Zhen Hua Chen, Jie Teng, Hong Ge Yan, Gang Chen

Abstract: A novel spray deposition technology with characteristic of the movable crucible, has been developed to prepare aluminum alloy and aluminum...

Authors: Z. Shi, Jia Wei Mi, Patrick S. Grant

Abstract: A numerical finite difference model has been developed to describe the transient heat flow inside Ni superalloy IN718 billets manufactured...


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