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Authors: Carlos Camurri, Eugenia Araneda, Antonio Pagliero, Jean Dille

Abstract: Previous works have shown that a minimum yield strength s0 of 58 MPa for leadcalcium- tin anodes of 6 mm thickness and a nominal composition...

Authors: Jin Liang Huang, Qiang Li, Ping Liu, Qi Ming Dong

Abstract: Milisecond high density electrical pulse was used to age one of the typical IC lead frame materials Cu-2.5Fe-0.03P-0.1Zn copper alloy. The...

Authors: Shi Bo Guo, Xuan Hui Qu, Xin Bo He

Abstract: Titanium and titanium alloys have low density, high strength, excellent corrosion resistance in many media and are known to be...

Authors: Fu Yi Chen, Wan Qi Jie

Abstract: Interface morphology and solute partition during directional solidification process of Al-1.5Cu-3.0Zn alloy were investigated at...

Authors: Jun Shen, Jian Wei Yu, Bai Ping Lu, Lin Liu, Heng Zhi Fu

Abstract: In this study, the distribution of electromagnetic pressure and the coupling between shaping force and temperature field are investigated...

Authors: Hongxing Zheng, Yun Yu, Jian Guo Li

Abstract: Microstructural evolution of bulk undercooled Ni-40wt%Pb hypermonotectic alloy was systematically investigated by using molten glass...

Authors: Y.H. Lin, C.M. Tsai, Y.C. Hu, Y.L. Lin, J.Y. Tsai, C.R. Kao

Abstract: The failure of flip chip solder joints through the dissolution of the Cu metallization was studied. From the location and geometry of the...

Authors: Wim De Waele

Abstract: This paper describes the effect of the interrelation between the base and weld metal postyield characteristics on the CMOD (Crack Mouth...

Authors: Wim De Waele, R.M. Denys, A. Lefevre

Abstract: Despite many years of research, an understanding of the effect of misalignment is far from complete. This study is focused on an...

Authors: K.-S. Sim, Yong Sin Lee

Abstract: This paper is concerned with pressure welding, which has been known as a main bonding mechanism during the cold and warm formings such as...


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