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Authors: Rui Long Zong, Ji Zhou, Shi Kao Shi, Long Tu Li
Abstract:We have improved an electrochemical process in which the alternate current (AC) electrodeposition combined with the etching of substrate to...
Authors: I. Kaplan-Ashiri, S.R. Cohen, K. Gartsman, R. Rosentsveig, V. Ivanovskaya, T. Heine, G. Seifert, H.D. Wagner, R. Tenne
Abstract:The Young’s modulus of WS2 nanotubes is an important property for various applications. Measurements of the mechanical properties of...
Authors: Soon Suk Yun, Young Won Chang
Authors: Jin Xu Li, Takahito Ohmura, Fu Gao Wei, Kaneaki Tsuzaki
Abstract:Nanoindentation technique was applied to evaluate nanohardness distribution in a submicron scale for two kinds of martensitic steels: Fe-0.4C...
Authors: Takahito Ohmura, Kaneaki Tsuzaki
Abstract:Nanoindentation measurements were performed for Fe-C based martensitic steels, and then the strengthening factors such as grain boundary...
Authors: C.S. Kim, S.I. Kwun
Abstract:Ultrasonic nondestructive evaluation (NDE) technique has been applied to investigate the cyclically deformed microstructures of a Cu and...
Authors: Hyun Chul Cho, In Sup Kim
Abstract:Tensile properties of SA508 Cl.3 reactor pressure vessel (RPV) steel were investigated at room temperature and at 288 °C before and after...
Authors: Yo Sep Yang, S.Y. Park, Hyun Jo Jun, Chan Gyung Park, S.H. Lim, D.Y. Ban
Abstract:Effects of microstructural parameters on fatigue resistance (σFL) of the steel tire cords have been investigated experimentally from...
Authors: J.H. Yoon, I.S. Kim, H.S. Kim, I.C. Hur, K.S. Son, Je Hyun Lee, H.S. Kim
Abstract:Mechanical and corrosion properties were evaluated in the nitrided and non-nitrided specimens of ASTM 355 and SUS422 steels. The oxides...
Authors: I.S. Kim, H.S. Kim, I.C. Hur, K.S. Son, Je Hyun Lee, J.H. Yoon, H.S. Kim
Abstract:ASTM A355, SUS422 and Nimonic 901 steel were nitrided and their wear characteristics such as the wear coefficient, amount of wear, shape and...
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