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Authors: K.S. Park, B.J. Kim, Young Hoon Moon

Abstract: Tube hydroforming provides a number of advantages over conventional stamping process, including fewer secondary operations, weight...

Authors: Byeong Soo Lim, C.S. Jeong, Si Yon Bae, Seog Hyeon Ryu, Jeong Tae Kim, Y.T. Keum

Abstract: The initiation and growth of internal defects usually cause the failure of long term operated structural components at high temperature....

Authors: Tamaz Eterashvili, M. Vardosanidze

Abstract: The microcrack tip plastic zone sizes in austenitic steels are measured using REM and interference microscope. It is shown that the plastic...

Authors: H.D. Joo, J.S. Kim, C.W. Bark, J.Y. Kim, Yang Mo Koo, Nobumichi Tamura

Abstract: In-situ measurement of local orientation and strain Has Been carried out for a copperpolycrystals under a uniaxial loading using a...

Authors: J.H. Lee, H.J. Oh, Y. Jeong, Y.J. Lee, J.S. Kim, C.-S. Chi

Abstract: The anodic titanium dioxide (TiO2) films for photocatalyst were prepared by anodization in acid solution. The characteristics of surface...

Authors: Kee Do Woo, S.W. Kim, Dong Ki Kim

Abstract: It is convenient to analyze the distribution of boron in high carbon steel with boron, simply using neutron-induced radiography with a...

Authors: Z.J. Ding, H.M. Li, X. Sun

Abstract: Topographic imaging of materials by a scanning electron microscope (SEM), using the secondary electrons and backscattered electrons escaped...

Authors: Yong Gang Luo, Linda Zou, Eric Hu

Abstract: The porous TiO2 pellets were prepared based on pigment grade titaina, P25 titania powder and titanium(IV) butoxide. The characterization...

Authors: Sun Keun Hwang, D.H. Jang, B.D. Ko, Beong Bok Hwang

Abstract: Numerical simulations are applied to investigate the simultaneous radial-forward extrusion process in a combined extrusion such as...

Authors: Cheng Shan Xue, Zhi Hua Dong, Hui Zhao Zhuang, Haiyong Gao, Yi'an Liu, Yu Xin Wu

Abstract: An extreme thin SiC buffer and Ga2O3 layer were deposited on silicon substrate sequentially with a r.f. magnetron sputtering system. Then...


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