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Authors: Cai Hong Feng, Qian Shu Li, Chen Min Liu, Yuan Deng, Lin Guo

Abstract: The precursor of LaMnO3 obtained by the reaction of metal salt with potassium hydroxide was subjected to hydrothermal condition in an...

Authors: Cun Xin Huang, S.C. Wang, Shi Ding Wu, Cheng Bao Jiang, G.Y. Li, Shou Xin Li

Abstract: Ultrafine-grained (UFG) pure Cu processed by equal channel angular pressing (ECAP) was subjected to cyclic deformation and subsequent ageing...

Authors: F. Lin, Qing Chen, Lian Mao Peng

Abstract: A new procedure is proposed for the exit electron wave reconstruction using a small set of high-resolution electron microscopy (HREM)...

Authors: X. Zhang, Lina Zhang, Jun Jie Qi, Yue Ma

Abstract: A novel EELS technique was developed to study bonding of grain boundary in many kinds of steels. We measured the normalized intensities of...

Authors: Hyoun Woo Kim

Abstract: We have demonstrated the preparation of the almost defect-free homoepitaxial layer and the defective layer, respectively, with and without...

Authors: M.S. Wang, Jan Yong Wang, C.H. Jin, Qing Chen, Lian Mao Peng

Abstract: The failure of individual multiwall carbon nanotubes (CNTs) during electron field emission was investigated in situ inside the transmission...

Authors: Y.G. Wang

Abstract: The potential barrier at the metal/oxide junction in a specular spin valve structure with nano-oxide layers has been mapped by off-axis...

Authors: Qing Chen, Sheng Wang, Lian Mao Peng

Abstract: Using a nanoprobe system, we have studied the wetting and the contact properties of Ga with Au, TiN on Al, SiO2 and carbon nanotubes in...

Authors: Yue Kui Sun, Jun Yuan

Abstract: In core-level electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) for anisotropic systems, the applied electric field is determined by the momentum...

Authors: Bo Lu Wang, Qing Chen, Y.F. Hu

Abstract: The nanowires and nanobelts longer than several micrometers have been synthesized through simple KOH treatment. The nanowires and the...


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