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Authors: Tatjana Volkov-Husović, R.M. Jančić, D. Mitraković
Abstract:Most important properties which are usually measured for refractories are work temperature and thermal stability. Thermal stability of the...
Authors: Matthew Tilbrook, Lyndal Rutgers, Robert J. Moon, Mark Hoffman
Abstract:The propagation of cracks in graded materials under monotonic and cyclic loading was investigated via experiment and simulation. Graded...
Authors: Javier Pascual, Francis Chalvet, Tanja Lube, Goffredo de Portu
Abstract:In this work the strength of ceramic laminates is analyzed. Two different architectures with the same surface are studied. One of them, a...
Authors: D. Platzek, G. Karpinski, Cestmir Drasar, Eckhard Müller
Abstract:The FGM principle plays an important role in enhancing the efficiency of thermoelectric devices. While a thermoelectric generator (TEG) is...
Authors: Hyung Mi Lim, Hyun-Bae Ji, Youn Seoung Lee, Sun Jae Kim, Hee Soo Lee, Duk-Ho Cho
Authors: Peng Cheng Zhai, Gang Chen, Qing Jie Zhang
Abstract:The present paper investigates the creep phenomenon of the functionally graded materials under high temperature environment by the...
Authors: Lian Meng Zhang, Li Chun Yu, Dao Ren Gong, Qiang Shen
Abstract:In the present work, TZ-3Y20A/Mo multilayer composites were prepared by sedimentation method. Appropriate settling parameters were chosen and...
Authors: P.D. Sequeira, Yoshimi Watanabe, L.A. Rocha
Abstract:Al-Al3Zr and Al-Al3Ti functionally graded materials (FGMs) were produced by a centrifugal method from Al-5wt% Zr and Al-5wt% Ti alloys,...
Authors: V.V. Kurbatkina, E.A. Levashov
Abstract:Composite carbide materials in Ti-C, Ti-Nb-C, Ti-Zr-C systems were produced by combustion synthesis using the force SHS-pressing technology...
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