Functionally Graded Materials VIII

Volumes 492-493

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Ping Wang, Shu Yong Yang, Li Sheng Liu

Abstract: The functionally graded thermal barrier coating (TBC) serves in high temperature and/or high temperature gradient environment for a long...

Authors: Noriyuki Hayashi, Tomohiko Onoda, Yasushi Sakamoto, Shin-ichiro Tsuru, Toshinori Kawabe, Masanori Hara
Authors: S. Walczak, Winfried Seifert, Eckhard Müller

Abstract: Commercialization of Peltier coolers has progressed during last years and special efforts have been undertaken to enhance the efficiency of...

Authors: Li Sheng Liu, Qing Jie Zhang, Peng Cheng Zhai, Chang Chu Zhu

Abstract: In the paper, propagation of two-dimensional viscous-plastic waves in graded layer media is investigated by numerical method. Firstly, an...

Authors: Shui Gen Huang, Lin Li, Jef Vleugels, Omer Van der Biest

Abstract: The thermodynamic properties of the Co-V-C and Co-V8C7 systems are of interest for superfine cemented carbide applications. The model...

Authors: Rafael Schouwenaars, Víctor H. Jacobo, Sara M. Cerrud, Armando Ortiz

Abstract: Soft anti-friction alloys are metal-metal composites used in journal bearings as a functionally graded system. The physical processes...

Authors: G. Miyamoto, Y. Tomio, Tadashi Furuhara, Tadashi Maki

Abstract: Microstructures of the plasma nitrided ferritic Fe-M (M = 0.5, 0.7, 1.0mass%Ti, 1.0mass%V, 1.0mass%Al) binary alloys were studied mainly by...

Authors: Gang Chen, Peng Cheng Zhai, Ai-Jun Shao

Abstract: The numerical simulation for the Small Punch creep (SP-C) tests is conducted using a Finite Element method. The objective of the present...

Authors: Guang Zhao Bai, G. Wang, Wan Jiang, Li Dong Chen, X. Shi

Abstract: Thermal conductivity of as-prepared MoSi2/SiC composites has been determined by Laser Flash method. Interfacial thermal conductance for...

Authors: L. Vandeperre, W.J. Clegg

Abstract: The correlation between hardness, H, and yield strength, Y, for hard materials is reexamined using an analytical approach to provide a...


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