Functionally Graded Materials VIII

Volumes 492-493

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Alexandre Velhinho, Gerard Vignoles, P. Cloetens, X. Thibault, Elodie Boller, Francisco Manuel Braz Fernandes, L.A. Rocha, José D. Botas

Abstract: Reliability of functionally graded metal matrix composites (FGMMCs) for automotive components is still dependent on the detailed knowledge...

Authors: Amitava Ray

Abstract: The unique imaging and microanalytical capability of the electron-probe microanalyser (EPMA) has been exploited in conjunction with light...

Authors: Gert Roebben, Uwe Wätjen, Andrée Lamberty

Abstract: Multifunctional materials are created by intimately integrating different materials. The assessment of the local properties and composition...

Authors: Guy Anné, Kim Vanmeensel, Jef Vleugels, Omer Van der Biest

Abstract: The residual stresses were measured on polished cross-sectioned Al2O3/ZrO2 FGM discs by means of Raman spectroscopy. The experiments...

Authors: Valeria Cannillo, Tiziano Manfredini, M. Montorsi, Cristina Siligardi, A. Sola

Abstract: Functionally graded materials are a new and attractive class of materials incorporating an engineered spatial variation in composition...

Authors: T. Lauwagie, K. Lambrinou, Iulian Mircea, Marion Bartsch, W. Heylen, Omer Van der Biest

Abstract: Cylindrical specimens made of the Ni-based super-alloy Inconel 625 (IN 625) were coated with (a) NiCoCrAlY, or (b) NiCoCrAlY and...

Authors: Won Jun Lee, Youn Seoung Lee, Sa Kyun Rha, Kwang Yong Lim, Hee Soo Lee, Chung Nam Whang

Abstract: The surface modification of polyimide (PI) by the irradiation of 3 keV He+, Ne+ and Ar+ ions was studied using XPS and AFM at various ion...

Authors: A. Ozieblo, Tomasz Wejrzanowski, K. Konopka, Mikolaj Szafran, Krzysztof Jan Kurzydlowski

Abstract: This paper describes the technology and microstructure of Al2O3-Fe functionally graded composites, FGM, obtained by slip-casting under...

Authors: Hyun Jun Kim, Kevin P. Trumble, Keith J. Bowman

Abstract: Melt infiltration of preforms prepared by sequential centrifugal casting and by tape casting and lamination has been accomplished using a...

Authors: Dirk Godlinski, Stéphane Morvan

Abstract: It is difficult to generate any user-defined three dimensional gradient to tailor the functional properties of a component. Problems are not...


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