Textures of Materials - ICOTOM 14

Volumes 495-497

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.495-497

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Authors: S.K. Yerra, Bert Verlinden, Paul van Houtte

Abstract: Industrially processed doped-tungsten wires in the as-drawn condition have essentially a <110>-fibre texture with attractive mechanical...

Authors: Ph. Gerber, S. Jakani, Marie Helene Mathon, Thierry Baudin

Abstract: The crystallographic texture of electrolytic tough pitch copper has been investigated by neutron diffraction after deformation by cold...

Authors: John F. Humphreys, Pete S. Bate

Abstract: Two methods of automatically determining boundary alignments from EBSD maps are discussed and shown to produce comparable results....

Authors: Franz Roters, Heyon S. Jeon-Haurand, Dierk Raabe

Abstract: Crystal plasticity FEM simulations of plane strain compression were performed. The Texture Component Crystal Plasticity-FEM was used for...

Authors: Marc Seefeldt, Paul van Houtte

Abstract: An attempt to model the nucleation of fragment boundaries during cold plastic deformation of f.c.c. metals is presented. The paper focuses...

Authors: Ricardo A. Lebensohn, Carlos Tomé, Pedro Ponte Castañeda

Abstract: In this contribution we present how to implement the calculation of average field fluctuations inside the grains of a thermoelastic...

Authors: A.A. Zisman, Nikolay Y. Zolotorevsky, N.Yu. Ermakova

Abstract: A rate-independent polycrystal model, allowing for the shape and spatial coordination of neighboring constitutive crystals and for the...

Authors: Dong Sheng Li, J. Bouhattate, Hamid Garmestani

Abstract: Using a processing path model based on the conservation principle in the orientation space explicit solutions can be formed linking any...

Authors: N.Yu. Ermakova, Nikolay Y. Zolotorevsky, Yuri Titovets

Abstract: The method is described which enables to determine the microtexture that is the orientation distribution within individual grains of a...


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