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Authors: Yoshimasa Takayama, Jerzy A. Szpunar, Hajime Kato
Abstract:Intragranular misorientation reflects strain generated during deformation with dislocation glide. The SEM/EBSP (scanning electron microscope/...
Authors: Joao Quinta da Fonseca, Pete S. Bate
Abstract:Due to their polycrystalline nature, metals develop intergranular stresses during elastic and inelastic deformation. These stresses are...
Authors: Dorothée Dorner, Ludger Lahn, Stefan Zaefferer
Abstract:A silicon steel single crystal with initial Goss orientation, i.e. the {110}<001> orientation, was cold rolled up to 89 % thickness...
Authors: Henryk Paul, Adam Morawiec, Emmanuel Bouzy, Jean-Jacques Fundenberger, Andrzej Piątkowski
Abstract:The local crystallography within shear bands (SB) has been examined in a single crystal of {112}<111> orientation of pure copper deformed at...
Authors: Matthew R. Barnett
Abstract:A small number of crystal plasticity simulations and tensile tests are carried out with the aim of demonstrating that control of twinning can...
Authors: B.J. Duggan, M.Z. Quadir, Q.Z. Chen, K. Shen, Y.Y. Tse
Authors: Thomas Böhlke, Gerrit Risy, Albrecht Bertram
Authors: S. Bouvier, B. Gardey, Thierry Chauveau, Brigitte Bacroix
Abstract:Two-stage sequences of simple shear and/or uniaxial tensile tests conducted on TRIP800 steel sheet and supplemented by texture measurements...
Authors: Xiaohua Hu, Monique Gaspérini, Paul van Houtte
Abstract:Although the Taylor-type models gives reasonable texture prediction of the monotonic cold deformation of annealed aluminum alloys both...
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