Textures of Materials - ICOTOM 14

Volumes 495-497

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.495-497

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Authors: Kim Verbeken, Leo Kestens

Abstract: The nucleation stage of secondary recrystallization has never been considered in detail. During the present study, nucleation of abnormal...

Authors: D.T. McDonald, John F. Humphreys, Pete S. Bate

Abstract: Dynamic recrystallization and texture development in polycrystalline copper have been investigated. Specimens were deformed in channel-die...

Authors: You Liang He, Stéphane Godet, Pascal J. Jacques, John J. Jonas

Abstract: The crystallographic relationship between the g and a phases in samples of the Gibeon meteorite and a TRIP steel was investigated by means...

Authors: A. Roatta, A.L. Fourty, Javier Signorelli, M.A. Bertinetti, R.E. Bolmaro

Abstract: Recrystallization (RX) textures in FCC materials have defied modelling for quite a long time despite the major micro-mechanisms influencing...

Authors: I.V. Gervasyeva, D.P. Rodionov, B.K. Sokolov, Yu.V. Khlebnikova

Abstract: Deformation and primary-recrystallization textures in nickel alloys with some metals (Nb, to 5.4%; W, to 7.4; Re, to 4.1%; Mo, to 9.3%; V,...

Authors: Michel Humbert, S.R. Dey, Emmanuel Bouzy, Alain Hazotte

Abstract: The orientations of the inherited tetragonal (resp. cubic) variants are calculated from the parent hcp orientation in the case of a strict...

Authors: Andre Luiz Pinto, Carlos Sergio da Costa Viana, Luiz Henrique de Almeida

Abstract: Grain boundary engineering has been applied to different materials in order to increase properties particularly sensitive to intergranular...

Authors: Vera G. Sursaeva

Abstract: Texture formation during secondary recrystallization depends on the nature of secondary recrystallization process itself. So microstructure...

Authors: Shi Hoon Choi, Beong Young Lee

Abstract: The effect of five ideal texture components ({001}<110>, {112}<110>, {111}<110>, {111}<112> and {554}<225>) typical in interstitial free...

Authors: Dong Nyung Lee

Abstract: The drawing textures of aluminum, copper, gold, silver, and Cu-7.3% Al bronze wires are approximated by major <111>+minor <100>, except...


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