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Authors: Nikolay Y. Zolotorevsky, D.M. Vasiliev, Yuri Titovets
Abstract:The material studied was commercial pearlitic steel deformed by cold drawing. Internal stresses appearing due to the plastic interaction of...
Authors: Tom Walde, Hermann Riedel
Abstract:In this paper we describe a rolling simulation considering the main sources of plastic anisotropy, namely the Bauschinger effect and...
Authors: Dierk Raabe, Franz Roters, Yan Wen Wang
Abstract:We present a numerical study on the influence of crystallographic texture on the earing behavior of a low carbon steel during cup drawing....
Authors: Svetlana Ristić, S. He, Albert Van Bael, Paul van Houtte
Abstract:An explicit integration algorithm using a texture-based plastic potential and isotropic hardening has been developed and implemented into a...
Authors: Z.J. Li, Grethe Winther, Niels Hansen
Abstract:The effect of microstructure and texture on the flow stress anisotropy in aluminium and IF steel has been investigated. The samples are...
Authors: Shouichi Ochiai, Takeshi Murakami, Keizo Hashimoto, Nobuo Ishii, Koichi Hasegawa
Abstract:In Pt-10mass%Rh alloys which were recrystallized using full annealing at or above 1273K after the cold rolling with the reduction ratio of...
Authors: E.C. Oliver, Mark R. Daymond, Philip J. Withers
Abstract:The influence of texture and anisotropy on the generation of intergranular stresses in clock-rolled zirconium is investigated using neutron...
Authors: Xin Ming Zhang, Yao Zongyong, De Guang Liu
Authors: Jürgen Hirsch
Abstract:The texture evolution during hot and cold rolling of AlMg1Mn1 can body sheet is described and the related anisotropy effects during deep...
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