Textures of Materials - ICOTOM 14

Volumes 495-497

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.495-497

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Authors: Kabir Kumar Mirpuri, Jerzy A. Szpunar

Abstract: In the present paper we report the texture and microstructure dependence of electromigration damage in Cu interconnects. This was made...

Authors: Kabir Kumar Mirpuri, Jerzy A. Szpunar

Abstract: The article takes into account various factors which effect the texture evolution in the Cu lines. We propose here an explanation for the...

Authors: Karen Pantleon, Marcel A.J. Somers

Abstract: Free-standing line patterns of Cu and Ni were manufactured by electrochemical deposition into lithographically prepared patterns....

Authors: Kazuyoshi Sekine, Zheng Rong Zhang

Abstract: Texture transition in silver introduced by the addition of 10 at% Pd alloying element was analyzed in this study. Experimental results show...

Authors: Andrew Godfrey, Wei Liu, Dan Dan Lin, Qing Liu

Abstract: In this paper we report a study using fully automated EBSP orientation measurements on the texture and microstructure of fully processed...

Authors: F.D. van den Berg, H.T. Ploegaert

Abstract: The magnetic parameters of steel depend on the mutual orientation of the applied magnetic field, the (applied) stress and the crystalline...

Authors: Shunji Hiwatashi, Shigeru Yonemura

Abstract: The yield strength was investigated in a prestrained and baked bake-hardenable sheet steel, which can increase the dent-resistance of...

Authors: Christian Klinkenberg, Helmut Klein, Jörg Gerlach

Abstract: This investigation aimed at the understanding of texture development during r-value determination by uniaxial tensile testing. Special...

Authors: Roumen H. Petrov, Leo Kestens, Yvan Houbaert

Abstract: The toughness anisotropy in steel plates (0.08%C, 1.52%Mn, 0.3%Si, 0.055%Nb and 0.078%V) was studied in relation to the crystallographic...

Authors: Nikolay Y. Zolotorevsky, A.A. Zisman

Abstract: Under consideration is an allowance for internal grain-scaled stresses in the evaluation of residual macroscopic stress in highly textured...


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