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Authors: Leo Kestens, Kim Verbeken, R. Decocker, Roumen H. Petrov, Patricia Gobernado, S. Eric Offerman
Abstract:It is often assumed that the texture formation during solid state transformations in low carbon steels critically depends on the local...
Authors: Sheng Quan Cao, Jin Xu Zhang, Jian Sheng Wu, Jia Guang Chen
Abstract:In this paper, the ‘orange peel’ defect in the surface range of the st14 steel sheet has been investigated using the electron backscatter...
Authors: Carlos Sergio da Costa Viana, F.S. Candido, Andre Luiz Pinto
Abstract:In the present work the characterisation of both the microstructure and the microtexture of two ferritic stainless steel sheets - AISI 430...
Authors: K.Gerald van den Boogaart
Abstract:The determination of an ODF, C-coefficients, property tensors and portions of texture components from EBSD orientation measurements is...
Authors: Helmut Schaeben, Markus Apel, Tobias Frank, Marcin Iwanowski, Stefan Zaefferer
Authors: B.L. Henrie, Thomas A. Mason, J.F. Bingert
Abstract:Historically, twinning classification has been obtained by optical microscopy, bulk x-ray and neutron diffraction, and transmission electron...
Authors: Edgar F. Rauch, A. Duft
Abstract:An automatic crystallographic orientation indexing procedure is developed for transmission electron microscopes. The numerical...
Authors: M. Reza Bateni, Marwan Azzi, Jerzy A. Szpunar, X. Wang, Dong Yang Li
Abstract:The mechanical processing of metals results often in development of preferred orientation of grains or texture. On the other hand, the...
Authors: Stuart I. Wright, David P. Field
Authors: Sandra Piazolo, Vera G. Sursaeva, David J. Prior
Abstract:Reflected light optical analysis and Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) analysis have been used to m easure grain sizes in 2D Al foil...
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