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Authors: Wolfgang Pantleon
Abstract:Grain structures in crystalline material are commonly identied by orientation inhomogeneities in orientation maps. A statistical approach is...
Authors: David J. Dingley
Abstract:This paper describes progress in improving the spatial resolution of the well-established Orientation Imaging Microscopy technique, OIM, by...
Authors: H.S. Chen, Andrew Godfrey, Qing Liu
Abstract:The effect of orientation noise in EBSP data on measurement of percolation threshold values has been investigated by use of computer...
Authors: J.J.L. Mulders, A.P. Day
Abstract:Three-dimensional (3D) microscopy is a new and rapidly expanding area. A DualBeam system, with both a focused ion beam (FIB) column and an...
Authors: Helmut Schaeben, Swanhild Bernstein, Ralf Hielscher, Judith Beckmann, Jens Keiner, Jürgen Prestin
Authors: H. Sitepu, J.P. Wright, T. Hansen, Daniel Chateigner, Heinz Günter Brokmeier, Clemens Ritter, Takaomi Ohba
Abstract:The crystal structure of R-phase in Ti50.75.Ni47.75.Fe1.50 shape memory alloy (SMA) has been studied at a temperature of (290 ± 7) K on...
Authors: M.V. Borovkov, T.I. Savyolova
Abstract:A new method of computing of normal distributions [1] on rotation groups is suggested. Monte Carlo method allows to calculate the orientation...
Authors: K.Gerald van den Boogaart, Ralf Hielscher
Abstract:A long time has past since the introduction of the harmonic method for the reconstruction of the ODF from polefigure measurements, and it has...
Authors: T.M. Ivanova, H.U. Lubman, T.I. Savyolova, Vladimir Serebryany
Abstract:Experimental pole figures are measured by x-ray method for materials with hexagonal symmetry (Ti and Mg alloys). The Orientation...
Authors: Swanhild Bernstein, Ralf Hielscher, Helmut Schaeben
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