Textures of Materials - ICOTOM 14

Volumes 495-497

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.495-497

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Authors: Helmut Schaeben, Ljudmila Meister
Authors: Jean-Jacques Fundenberger, Helmut Schaeben, K.Gerald van den Boogaart
Authors: T.I. Savyolova, S.F. Kourtasov

Abstract: The mathematical method of the texture function restoration according to diffraction experiment is offered. The texture function is...

Authors: D.I. Nikolayev, T.A. Lychagina, A.V. Nikishin, V.V. Yudin

Abstract: The objective of the present work is to study of errors on measured pole figures of hexagonal materials. We used neutron time-of-flight...

Authors: Ralf Hielscher, Swanhild Bernstein, Helmut Schaeben, K.Gerald van den Boogaart, Judith Beckmann, Jürgen Prestin
Authors: Joel V. Bernier, Donald E. Boyce, Matthew P. Miller
Authors: Siegfried Matthies

Abstract: The texture index F2 (1£ < F2 £ ¥ , F2 = 1 – random distribution) is up to now the only parameter used in a global way to characterize the...

Authors: Vladimir V. Basabe, Jerzy A. Szpunar

Abstract: The textures of oxide scales grown on low carbon steel in air over the temperature range 850-950°C were investigated. The low carbon steel...


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