Advanced Materials Forum III

Volumes 514-516

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: E.N. Naumovich, Mikhail V. Patrakeev, Vladislav V. Kharton, Alrksey A. Yaremchenko, Ekaterina V. Tsipis, Dmitri I. Logvinovich, Jorge R. Frade, Fernando M.B. Marques

Abstract: The p(O2)-T- diagrams of La2Ni1-xMxO4+ (M=Co and Cu, x= 0-0.20), determined by the coulometric titration technique at 923-1223 K in the...

Authors: Vladislav V. Kharton, A.P. Viskup, Andréy V. Kovalevsky, A.L. Shaula, Jorge R. Frade, Fernando M.B. Marques

Abstract: Due to relatively high oxygen permeability, lanthanum-strontium ferrite phases are of interest as ceramic membrane materials for the...

Authors: Elena A. Fortalnova, Alexander V. Mosunov, Marina G. Safronenko, Nikolay U. Venskovskii, Ekaterina D. Politova

Abstract: The influence of B-site substitution on electroconducting properties of perovskite-type solid solutions (La0.5Li0.5)[Ti1-x(M0.5Nb0.5)x]O3...

Authors: Ekaterina D. Politova, Vladimir V. Aleksandrovskii, Sergey V. Zaitsev, G.M. Kaleva, Alexander V. Mosunov, Sergei Yu. Stefanovich, A.K. Avetisov, S.V. Suvorkin, G.V. Kosarev, I.P. Sukhareva, Jae Suk Sung, K.Y. Choo, T.H. Kim

Abstract: The structure, microstructure, electric transport and oxygen permeation properties of (La,Sr)(Ga,Mg,Fe)O3-δ ceramics with perovskite or...

Authors: Alexey V. Levchenko, João Carlos de Castro Abrantes, Anna V. Shlyakhtina, Lidia G. Shcherbakova, Ana Lucia Horovistiz, Jorge R. Frade

Abstract: The dependence of electrical conductivity of pyrochlore type Yb2+xTi2-xO7-x/2 materials shows that these materials are predominantly ionic...

Authors: Anna V. Shlyakhtina, João Carlos de Castro Abrantes, Alexey V. Levchenko, Sergei Yu. Stefanovich, Alexandr V. Knot'ko, Liudmila.L. Larina, Lidia G. Shcherbakova

Abstract: New oxide-ion conductors Ln2+xTi2-xO7-x/2 (Ln = Dy-Lu, x = 0.096; 35.5 mol. % Ln2O3· 64.5 mol.% TiO2)-LANTIOX with a disordered pyrochlore...

Authors: Francisco Salvador-Palacios, M.Jesus Sánchez-Montero, Isidro Sangüesa-Domínguez, Carmen Izquierdo-Misiego

Abstract: This paper highlights the importance of micropore size of carbonous materials in the storage capacity of hydrogen. A study is made of a...

Authors: Sofoklis S. Makridis, Mary Konstantakou, Th.A. Steriotis, Eleni Pavlidou, K.G. Efthimiadis, M. Daniil, A. Ioannidou, E.S. Kikkinidis, Athanasios K. Stubos

Abstract: In this work we investigate the effect of hydrogen absorption/desorption at room temperature on the structural, magnetic and...

Authors: Piotr Bujlo, Agnieszka Halama, Grzegorz Paściak, Jacek Chmielowiec

Abstract: The work concerns new polymeric materials for electrolytes synthesized at the Electrotechnical Institute. Poly(styrene-4-sulfonate)-grafted...

Authors: Catarina Silva, João M.P. Coelho, Manuel A. Abreu, J. Cabrita Freitas, Campos Rodrigues

Abstract: The methods of dimensional control for solid surfaces are usually contact methods. However, in fragile and reduced hardness surfaces, these...


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