Advanced Materials Forum III

Volumes 514-516

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Olena Okhay, Vitor M.X. Bergano, Ai Ying Wu, Paula M. Vilarinho

Abstract: Crystalline (Sr1-1.5xBix)TiO3 (SBiT) thin films (0.002 ≤ x ≤ 0.5) were prepared by sol-gel on Pt/TiO2/SiO2/Si substrates. Cubic monophasic...

Authors: Andrei N. Salak, Nikolai P. Vyshatko, Andréi L. Kholkin, Victor M. Ferreira, Nikolay M. Olekhnovich, Yury V. Radyush, Anatol V. Pushkarev

Abstract: Lead-free relaxor ceramics based on sodium-bismuth titanate, (1-x)(Na1/2Bi1/2)TiO3 - xLa(Mg1/2Ti1/2)O3 [(1-x)NBT-xLMT] (0≤x≤0.25), were...

Authors: Dimitry D. Khalyavin, Ana Maria R. Senos, Pedro Q. Mantas

Abstract: The microstructure development and the dielectric properties of La4Mg3W3O18 layered oxide were investigated. A strong anisotropic grain...

Authors: Nicola Delmonte, Bernard Enrico Watts, Fabrizio Leccabue, Paolo Cova, Giovanni Chiorboli

Abstract: In recent years several ferroelectric thin films have been studied at microwave frequencies; lead zirconate titanate (PZT) and...

Authors: Rob C. Pullar, Chang Lai, Neil McN. Alford

Abstract: The copper-niobates, M2+Cu¬2Nb2O8 (M2+ = Zn, Co, Ni, Mg or Ca) have good microwave dielectric properties when sintered between 985 – 1010oC,...

Authors: Décio Dias, Rui Monteiro, Patrícia Almeida Carvalho, Alberto C. Ferro, Werner Lohwasser

Abstract: The development of solid electrolytic tantalum capacitors with MnO2 as counter electrode has been carried out in order to decrease the...

Authors: Manuel P.F. Graça, Maria Gracinda Ferreira da Silva, Manuel A. Valente

Abstract: The presence of NaNbO3 crystallites in a glass matrix has scientific and technological interest due to their electrical properties and...

Authors: Nikolai A. Sobolev, Marcio A. Oliveira, Vitor S. Amaral, Armando Neves, M. Celeste Carmo, Werner Wesch, Oliver Picht, Elke Wendler, Ute Kaiser, J. Heinrich

Abstract: Ferromagnetism persisting above 375 K and anisotropic ferromagnetic resonance (FMR) spectra have been detected for the first time in Si...

Authors: Ana F.S. Mota de Oliveira, António J. Silvestre, Pedro M. Sousa, Olinda Conde, M. Alexandra Rosa, Margarida Godinho

Abstract: This work reports on the synthesis of CrO2 thin films by atmospheric pressure CVD using chromium trioxide (CrO3) and oxygen. Highly oriented...

Authors: Armandina M. Lima Lopes, João P. Araújo, A.M. Gomes, Tânia M. Mendonça, Pedro B. Tavares, J.G. Correia, Vitor S. Amaral

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