Advanced Materials Forum III

Volumes 514-516

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: A. Paúl, A. Beirante, Nuno Franco, Eduardo Alves, José Antonio Odriozola

Abstract: High temperature phase transformations in EUROFER reduced activation ferritic martensitic (RAFM) steel were studied in-situ by means of...

Authors: César A.C. Sequeira, Fernand D.S. Marquis

Abstract: The effects of aluminising on the hot corrosion resistance of two nickel-chromium alloys containing 10 and 30 weight percent chromium,...

Authors: Mónica Reis, Rui Louro, Paulo J. Morais, Leonel Santos, Helena Gouveia

Abstract: The Friction Stir Welding (FSW) process is a quite recent joining method whose particular characteristics yield to materials modifications...

Authors: C. Steven Wright, M. Youseffi, S.P. Akhtar, T.H.C. Childs, C. Hauser, P. Fox

Abstract: This paper presents the results of a recent comprehensive investigation of selective laser melting (slm) of prealloyed gas and water...

Authors: Henrique Santos, Joana Leal, Carlos Sá

Abstract: Duplex stainless steels (d2s) are intended to present a microstructure composed of similar volume fractions of austenite and ferrite; this...

Authors: João M.G. Mascarenhas, Manuela Oliveira, C. Steven Wright

Abstract: This paper presents the results of an investigation into the sintering behaviour of three vanadium enriched variants of T42 high-speed...

Authors: Luís G. Reis, Bin Li, Manuel de Freitas

Abstract: For a safe and reliable design of components, it is needed to study the effects of multiaxial loading and particularly the non-proportional...

Authors: Pedro Teixeira, Altino Loureiro, Dulce Maria Rodrigues, José Neves

Abstract: This paper presents the results of an investigation aimed at correlating the gradient of microstructures with the mechanisms of fracture and...

Authors: D. Braga, Amilcar Ramalho, Pedro Nuno Silva, Albano Cavaleiro

Abstract: Steels continue to have a preponderant role in mechanical components under all type of wear solicitations namely, abrasion. The ability of...

Authors: António Rodrigues, Altino Loureiro, António Castanhola Batista

Abstract: The aim of this research is to study the effect of the welding conditions and of an activating flux on the microstructure of the melted...


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