Aluminium Alloys 2006 - ICAA10

Volumes 519-521

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: J. David Embury, Warren J. Poole, David J. Lloyd

Abstract: The process of work hardening in aluminum alloys is important from the viewpoint of formability and the prediction of the properties of...

Authors: X. Huang, Q. Xing, Dorte Juul Jensen, Niels Hansen

Abstract: TEM, Kikuchi diffraction analyses, EBSD, neutron diffraction and hardness measurements have been applied in a study of commercial purity...

Authors: J.C. Mach, Ji Dong Kang, A.J. Beaudoin, David S. Wilkinson
Authors: Günter Gottstein, Mischa Crumbach, L. Neumann, R. Kopp

Abstract: We introduce a simulation procedure for through-process texture and anisotropy prediction, in particular for AA5182 sheet production from...

Authors: Pei Dong Wu, David J. Lloyd

Abstract: Necking under in-plane plane strain tension along the transverse direction (TD) is numerically simulated for two sheets: one with very high...

Authors: Q. Situ, Mukesh K. Jain, M. Bruhis

Abstract: Forming limit diagram (FLD) is a measure of the formability of a sheet material. The major-minor strain pairs that are closest to the neck...

Authors: S.R. MacEwen, Y. Shi, P. Hamstra, R. Mallory, Pei Dong Wu

Abstract: Finite element modelling of sheet-forming operations, such as pressure-ram-forming, (PRF™) requires knowledge of forming limits under...

Authors: S.F. Corbin, E. Ansah-Sam, David J. Lloyd

Abstract: The objective of this study was to investigate and compare the influence of Mn and Fe additions on the fracture behaviour of AA6000 series...

Authors: A.K. Pilkey, C.J. Bayley, M. Györffy

Abstract: The influence of surface defect geometry on the localization and failure behaviour of AA6111 sheet has been investigated through...

Authors: Michael J. Worswick, R. Smerd, C.P. Salisbury, S. Winkler, David J. Lloyd

Abstract: This paper presents results from quasi-static and high rate tensile testing of three aluminum sheet alloys, AA5754, AA5182 and AA6111, all...


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