Progress in Powder Metallurgy

Volumes 534-536

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: C. Lucien Falticeanu, I.T.H. Chang, J.S. Kim, R. Cook

Abstract: The increasing demand for automotive industries to reduce the weight of the vehicles has led to a growing usage of Al alloy powder...

Authors: Sug Won Kim, Khalil Abdel-Razek Khalil

Abstract: Nanostructured Alumina – 20 vol% 3YSZ composites powder were synthesized by wetmilling technique. The starting materials were a mixture of...

Authors: Supawan Kasuriya, Duangduen Atong

Abstract: The effect of the additives, Y2O3 and MgO, on the sintering and properties of Al2O3-TiC composites was investigated. It is known that MgO...

Authors: Jong K. Lee, Lei Xu, Shu Zu Lu

Abstract: When an alloy such as Ni-W is liquid phase sintered, heavy solid W particles sedimentate to the bottom of the container, provided that...

Authors: K.E. Belyavin, D.V. Minko, N.V. Reshnetikov

Abstract: A technology of hardening porous materials of titan powders has been elaborated. The technology is based on passing alternating current...

Authors: Jin Sung Jang, Young Moon Jang, Yin Zhong Shen

Abstract: Three 9Cr Fe-base ODS alloys were prepared by MA (mechanical alloying) and HIP (hot isostatic processing) processes. The addition of Ti was...

Authors: Sung Jin Kim, Sung Jin Park, Hee Gon Bang, Sang Yeup Park

Abstract: In the study, we attempted to synthesize the cordierite by the reaction of fly-ash and alumina, silicon dioxide, magnesia powders. And also...

Authors: Marianna Zendron, Alberto Molinari, Luca Girardini

Abstract: Manganese is an alloying element that improves the strength of ferrite and the hardenability of steels. It could be a valid substitute for...

Authors: Süleyman Tekeli, Ahmet Güral, Metin Gürü

Abstract: The effect of tempering temperature and microstructure on dry sliding wear behavior of quenched and tempered PM steels was investigated....

Authors: Tadeusz Pieczonka, Jan Kazior

Abstract: The sinter-bonding behavior of iron based powder mixtures was investigated. To produce the green compacts to be joined the following...


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