Progress in Powder Metallurgy

Volumes 534-536

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Elena Gordo, B. Gómez, Roberto González, E.M. Ruiz-Navas

Abstract: The development of Fe-based metal matrix composites (MMCs) with high content of hard phase has been approached by combining the use of...

Authors: Hwan Jin Sung, Tae Kwon Ha, Sang Ho Ahn, Young Won Chang

Abstract: In the present study, powder injection molding (PIM) process, in which the porosity of sintered parts can be easily controlled, has been...

Authors: Odd Sandberg, Andreas Krona, Sigurd Berg, Flemming Kaad, Göran Nord

Abstract: Tool steels for powder pressing are normally heat treated to a high hardness to counteract plastic deformation during the compacting...

Authors: Christian Gornik, Jochen Perko

Abstract: M390 microclean® of Böhler Edelstahl is a powder metallurgical plastic mould steel with a high level of corrosion and wear resistance and...

Authors: C. Tojal, T. Gómez-Acebo, F. Castro

Abstract: The use of boron for successfully obtaining high density PM stainless steels with improved mechanical properties and corrosion resistance...

Authors: Bruce Lindsley, Thomas Murphy

Abstract: Dimensional precision is a critical parameter in net shape processing of ferrous PM components. Beyond the dimensional changes associated...

Authors: Fırat Kafkas, Çetin Karatas, Suleyman Saritaş

Abstract: The characteristics of residual stresses occurring in PM steel based nickel (FLN2-4405) was investigated. Residual stresses were measured...

Authors: Ahmet Güral, Süleyman Tekeli, Dursun Özyürek, Metin Gürü

Abstract: The effect of repeated quenching heat treatment on microstructure and dry sliding wear behavior of low carbon PM steel was investigated....

Authors: Chong Lin Wang, Ping Wang, Zai Min Shi

Abstract: Fe-4Ni-0.5Mo-1Cu powder was selected as raw material, pressed and sinter-hardened at 1135°C for 30 min with rapid cooling. The density...


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