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Authors: Paul Beiss
Abstract:Most PM components are exposed to cyclic loading over long periods of time, and the endurable stress amplitude is an important factor...
Authors: Chen Xu, Herbert Danninger, Golta Khatibi, Brigitte Weiss
Abstract:Crack initiation and short crack propagation was studied on the polished notched surfaces of Cr-Mo prealloy sintered steels with 7.35
Authors: Chen Xu, Herbert Danninger, Golta Khatibi, Brigitte Weiss
Abstract:For attaining optimum fatigue resistance of PM steels, high density levels are necessary. In this work, sintered steels Fe-1.5%Mo-0.6%C and...
Authors: G. Matula, Leszek Adam Dobrzański, Gemma Herranz, A. Várez, B. Levenfeld, José M. Torralba
Abstract:Based on the comparison of structures and properties of the HS6-5-2 high speed steels made with the powder injection moulding method,...
Authors: J. Sicre-Artalejo, Mónica Campos, Teodora Marcu, José M. Torralba
Abstract:The efforts to increase the potential PM market [makes necessary to accept new challenges to develop new products. To address this question,...
Authors: G.F. Bocchini, M.G. Ienco, M.R. Pinasco, E. Stagno, Andrea Baggioli, Riccardo Gerosa, Barbara Rivolta
Abstract:Globalization enables P/M part makers to choose powders from different sources. Raw materials produced by a given process and having equal...
Authors: F. Castro, M. Sarasola, S. Sainz, T. Gómez-Acebo
Abstract:A Mn-containing master alloy (MA) has been specially designed, through thermodynamic and metallurgical criteria, for obtaining high...
Authors: Vladimir Dorofeyev, Anna Sviridova
Abstract:Powder forging is used for heavy-loaded parts (rings of rolling-contact bearings, gears etc.) production. Rolling contact fatigue is...
Authors: Shigeru Unami, Yukiko Ozaki, Satoshi Uenosono
Abstract:A new molybdenum hybrid-alloyed steel powder has been developed. The powder is based on a molybdenum prealloyed steel powder to which...
Authors: Kyung Mo Kim, Eun Hee Lee, Uh Chul Kim
Abstract:Several chemicals were studied to suppress the damage due to stress corrosion cracking (SCC) of steam generator (SG) tubes in nuclear power...
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